24.01 Central

Flussonic Central 24.01 is an update, featuring Long Polling for faster episode delivery, streamlined camera connection with Assigning Agents, enhanced scalability through streamlined streamer deployment, optimized face fingerprint handling, improved distribution of episodes for superior video analytics tasks and many more. Explore the new possibilities of Flussonic Central in the freshest release notes 24.01.

Long Polling for episodes delivery

Delivery of episodes to Watcher or other client applications became faster and uninterruped with the Long polling technology. This feature allows to reduce the delay when using episodes for access control, for opening a door by a recognised face or gates by a recognised license plate. For more details please refer to: https://flussonic.com/doc/api/central/#tag/episode/operation/episodes_list%7Cquery%7Cpoll_timeout

Assigning Agents

Connecting a new camera became easier and faster, assigning an Agent with a streampoint does not depend on a layouter anymore.

Deploying streamers

For increased scalability and deploying streamers in K8s or any other orchestration system, disabling provisioning of configuration to streamers is added to Central functionality.

Face fingerprint in Central

To increase system performance we improved face fingerprint handling in Central by excluding merging data and utilizing only the relevant data returned by analytics nodes.

Distribution of episodes

To scale the number of nodes for identification, to identify persons in episodes - in one word, to solve video analytics tasks, the distribution of episodes between the analytics nodes was improved through Central pushing episodes in batches for identification. This allows them to control episode processing on the analytics nodes and handle errors during their processing.

Bugs fixed:

Episodes list
Having an issue with the ‘updated_at’ value fixed, we ensured that all the detections in the database are returned properly under the GET/episodes request with the filter by ‘updated_at’.

Streamer hostname
We fixed an issue so that when streams move to another streamer at failover they return back to a streamer specified in settings after that streamer is restored after the failure.

Episode validity
A check for episode validity with updated_at=0 and started_at=0 was improved as these values prevent validation performed by other services

Person list
The validation of a returned person list was improved with removing persons with invalid images.

Vision parameter
Central does not keep on provisioning streams to analytics nodes anymore after vision is disabled on a stream.

Renamed parameter from ‘name’ to ‘media’
To avoid confusion and highlight that the parameter has the same meaning as in [GET /episodes](https://flussonic.com/doc/api/central/#tag/episode/operation/episodes_list, we renamed the name parameter to media

Updated at synchronization
Since 24.01 synchronization of updated_at becomes unique for each episode.

Episodes fetching
To reduce the delay between an episode start and its appearing in Central, episodes fetching Vision Inference was improved by implementing a polling technique.

Updated at value
As of now updated_at value is updated correctly for the episodes received from analytics nodes.

Renaming ‘vision’ role to ‘inference’
To avoid any confusion during a set-up and make all the roles correspond to vision-inference package, a ‘vision’ role was renamed to `inference.

Streams with ‘vision’ parameter

Having an issue fixed, we ensured that the streams with vision enabled are allocated to inference nodes.

‘Scheme’ parameter
For the users to be able to watch videos regardless of whether they changed streamer settings to https:// or not, we made a scheme parameter is applied when executing GET /streams request.

Central analytics
As ‘cluster_key’ is not required for analytics nodes, we removed this parameter from being specified in Central to make analytics run correctly.

Cameras with Agents
To avoid any issues when using cameras with Agents caused by incorrect expectations of Agent allocations to streamers, we ensured that the Agent statuses are now correctly requested by Central.