1. Viewing the correct status of the active camera. We fixed the issue where an active camera was displayed as unavailable.

  2. We improved diagnostics while invoking the agent-activation-tokens API method with the system API-key. We added the ability to verify the validity of the key as well.

  3. We fixed the issue showing the URL instead of the icon after clicking “share” during live streaming. Items on the player’s control panel display no longer overlap each other.

  4. We fixed the issue with displaying a DVR on Android when a user does not have permission to view the DVR. Timeline no longer shows on Android when dvr_depth is 0.

  5. The black screen bug that appears when using a shared URL to view a camera with DVR has been fixed.
    The link to embed the video on the site is working correctly and the video in the shared URL is playing correctly.

  6. Automatic refresh of the camera page.
    We fixed the issue where the video from a newly added camera could not be seen until you refresh the page.

What’s new in Flussonic ver. 21.07

  1. Flussonic 21.07 is released with the new Erlang version. It boosts overall performance, e.g. CPU usage might be reduced by up to 25% (depending on the Flussonic features you are using). 

  2. MPEG-TS packets reading is optimized to reduce the CPU usage by up to 30% You can capture more channels on the same server or expand the number of subscribers.

  3. CPU usage on reading DVB is reduced up to 2 times.

  4. While using Flussonic Media Server (the transcoding functionality) with some third-party multiplexers you might need to specify the speed metadata (the maximum bit rate descriptor). Now, these multiplexers can receive MPEG-TS streams from Flussonic. A stream’s maximum bit rate is added to MPEG-TS streams.

  5. SСTE marker processing reset on input stream ad = true: this option support for IPTV ingest is fixed.

  6. Security update: information disclosure via API, which could lead to unauthorized access to the content list, is eliminated.

note 21.07