24.05 Central

In the latest Flussonic Central release (version 24.05), configuring and integrating your system is now simpler and more efficient. With the new PUT /config method, updating Central configuration files is a breeze, while the need to specify vsaas_event_collector in streamer configurations has been eliminated for smoother integration with Watcher. Additionally, labels with the ‘required_’ prefix enable precise allocation and load balancing, enhancing stream management efficiency.

Changing Central config

Easily update Central configuration with a newly implemented PUT /config method. Calling this method updates config file but does not change the env.


You do not need to specify the event_sink vsaas_event_collector parameter in streamer configurations anymore. Watcher now provides it automatically for smoother and more convenient integration without extra steps from your side.

Labels for streamers and streams

Tag streamers in the layouter with the ‘required_’ prefix to allocate streamers according to tasks, load balancing, etc.

Use the label required_ for a stream in the layouter to direct streams to streamers according to the specified required labels.

For the scheme with the ‘required_’ label not to look heavy we also added support for its matching with identical labels without a prefix, for example required_env on streamer will match env on streamer.

Bugs fixed:

Migration We fixed migration process of large tables during an upgrade, now it is faster and error free.

Panic: runtime error panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference does not pop up when starting Central.

LetsEncrypt certificate We fixed the description of an error message when issuing a LetsEncrypt certificate for a streamer, pointing out that the problem occurs on the streamer side and not in Central.

Saving a stream We fixed a HTTP 400 error when saving a stream if its layout was previously changed due to a mismatch of required tags.