What’s new in Flussonic ver. 22.12

Who will be interested in this release:

  • Providers who want to be at the forefront of transcoding methods to improve video quality at a lower bitrate
  • Webcast providers, UGC and OTT providers
  • Video streaming providers that use embedded ads

The most important update added to this new Flussonic Media Server 22.12 is support for AV1 hardware encoding. AV1 is an open, royalty-free codec that is more efficient than H.264/H.265 (HEVC) for streaming and transcoding video at different resolutions.

Despite claims that AV1 could become a new standard very soon, the reality is that the transition to AV1 is too expensive for now, as it requires more powerful hardware and not all equipment supports this codec. Flussonic Media Server solves this problem and enables a faster, smoother and more cost-effective transition to AV1, while protecting your investment in legacy hardware and existing video streaming infrastructure.

Video-on-demand, OTT, UGC, and adult entertainment providers could definitely take advantage of the new Flussonic Media Server updates. The latest version of Flussonic Media Server opens the door to more cost-effective, higher-quality video streaming that eliminates latency.

But the news do not end here. Flussonic Media Server 22.12 also includes improvements to ad insertion capabilities, webcasting capabilities, system configuration, and enhanced hardware support, among others.

Here are some of those improvements:

  • Ad insertion is now easier and is supported on different protocols. For any MPEG-TS sources, capturing ad tags now generally works by default.
  • You can apply your own “masks” and “filters” during webcasts via WebRTC and benefit from the improved adaptive streaming mechanism via WebRTC ABR
  • The list of compatible hardware has been expanded with Decklink, DekTec and Magewell. New SDK vendors have been added and Dolby Digital Audio capture is now enabled.

Spend less on bandwidth and infrastructure. Free up more budget and resources on development, modernization, and quality improvement for end users. Develop new services and start monetizing them. Adjust your business in response to rapidly changing technologies. Address the changing market and the demands of your customers in a timely manner to always be ahead of your competitors.

You can read more about all the updates and technical features here, and if you wish to get access to a free trial, visit this link.