24.05 Media Server

Flussonic Media Server version 24.05 introduces HLS ingest for multi-language audio streaming and integrates HbbTV features, alongside enhancements like password hashing for improved security and error highlighting for streamlined configuration management.

HLS ingest

Provide several audio tracks to your clients in different languages in a single HLS stream with ‘input hls2://’.


Integrate HbbTV-interactivity into your broadcasts via Flussonic multiplexer (intricate setup may require assistance from our dedicated support team) or from an external source.

Flussonic Coder

Upgrade the firmware of your Flussonic Coder and try out all the features of video analytics support. The setup process is not yet fully debugged, contact support for an initial startup.

Flussonic API

Easily define which settings to apply to different types of inputs with inputs parameters consolidated by protocols.

ST2110 samples

You can now analyze and process ST2110 data with the added initial pcap parser code.

Passwords hashing

Upgrade to 24.05 and increase the security of your system, edit_auth and view_auth passwords can now be hashed preventing them from being exposed in config files.

Highlighting errors

Editing configuration files becomes more convenient and efficient: lines with errors are now highlighted in colour, and the errors themselves are explained in pop-up messages.

Bugs fixed:

DASH playback request A long timeout when requesting DASH playback for a dead restreamed stream was fixed, allowing for prompt problem detection and preventing negative user experience.

NVENC transcoder When you change the source media_info, the NVENC transcoder no longer crashes.

GPU memory By fixing an issue with GPU memory not being freed after losing a source, the transcoder no longer restarts due to lack of memory and you can access streams without any interruptions.

DVR Player Version 24.05 fixes an issue where the default playback protocol for OTT (DVR disabled) was automatically set to MSE-LD instead of HLS. Since HLS stability is critical for OTT applications, this fix provides more stable and uninterrupted video playback.

Media Server Documentation

Integration of external video analytics Added the guide for integration of external video analytics with Watcher.

Axinom DRM and DRMtoday settings Settings for Axinom DRM and DRMtoday are added to the Documentation.

Publishing from browser for wide audience with low latency An article about publishing from browser for wide audience and playback via LL-HLS with low latency was added to the Documentation.