24.06 Media Server

The new summer version of Flussonic Media Server 24.06 offers users support for AC-3 audio format on Apple devices, RTSP access for integration with external systems. While an updated Admin UI allows uploading data to our support team even with network problems, improving service and resolving technical issues. Upgrade to version 24.06 to take advantage of all the new features, as well as fixes for previous versions!

Supporting AC-3 audio for Apple devices

With AC-3 audio support for tvOS or iOS players, offer your users improved audio quality and provide your content being compatible with a greater variety of devices, including Apple TV.

RTSP Access for an External System

Play your archive via RTSP protocol, this function is necessary primarily for integration with external systems (like Smart City). Read more in the documentation.

SMPTE 2110 4K receiver code

Use advanced standards for video and audio transmission over Ethernet networks with our breakthrough SMPTE 2110 4K receiver code implementation.

Admin UI

Upload the necessary data for our support team even under the network problems (HTTP 400 error) with the button for a local download of debug data in Admin UI.

Bugs fixed:

Segfaults in MPEG-TS
There are no more segfaults in MPEG-TS protocol taking place because of an incorrect frame body size.

HEVC video published via RTMP with OBS
We fixed an issue that caused videos to not play via MSE or HLS/fMP4 when publishing via RTMP/HEVC from OBS.

Migration mode in Flussonic RAID
We fixed a bug that caused the migration mode not to run properly in Flussonic RAID if some archive data was corrupted or missing from the disc.

DVR Player
The days with archive recordings are highlighted as intended in the calendar.

Episode recordings
We fixed an issue where all episode recordings were deleted even though episodes_expiration parameter was set to unlimited.

Flussonic Streaming API
We fixed an issue where filters and limits were not applied to the GET /ranges method.

Multiplexer does not crash when the stream name is changed and a new name is specified as a source of the program.

Media Server Documentation

DVB-compliant CBR stream
Prepare a DVB-compatible CBR stream for a single TV channel with our how-to instruction.

Upgrading Flussonic Coder
Upgrade Flussonic Coder following the instructions in the Documentation: https://flussonic.com/doc/transcoder-coder-upgrade/

TR 101 290
Apply the standard TR 101 290 to assess the quality of your TV channel with a set of instrumental checks, and learn the truth about PCR.