24.01 Watcher

In this release, we introduce a host of innovative features to enhance usability and provide a seamless, efficient workflow. The default timeline scale is refined for a more convenient experience. Now, users of the Watcher Client Web UI (PWA) can effortlessly select and download any archive fragment. As part of our commitment to scalability, Watcher implements proxying requests to Central. Try out the new features, improvements and bugs fixed, and witness the evolution of Watcher.

Timeline scale

To make user experience more convenient a default timeline scale became smaller in size so that there are records for the last hour reflected in the archive navigation.

Video analytics

For a customer to see if analytics is enabled or not, we fixed the display of an analytics status (previously showed as disabled) and deleted the ‘Vision’ setting from a streamer profile in the Watcher UI. The relevant way of configuring the video analytics will be available in our documentation as soon as possible.

DVR Player

For the users of Watcher Client Web UI (PWA) to be able to choose and download any archive fragment, we implemented an archive download from DVR Player. You can try it here: https://demo.flussonic.com/#/dvr-demo

Bugs fixed:

Filtering Events When using an Event filter to revise events of interest, a customer now sees all the filtered events (for a specific camera and a specific date) as intended.

Unrecognized persons To control a list of persons on different objects, we fixed a bug so that unrecognized persons appear in an event list and in one of available lists of persons.

Watcher Client Web UI (PWA) A landscape display of events and player controls on the Camera page is now available in Watcher Client Web UI (PWA).

Applying a branding logo A branding logo is now applied straight away rather than after clearing a cache (as before).

NVR cameras We fixed an issue with NVR cameras not playing in a DVR Player when being listed on the second or a greater page in the camera list of Watcher UI.

ONVIF Watcher connects with a camera to ONVIF even when the camera responds with a minimum GetNTP response.

List of persons There is no HTTP 400 error (Bad request) returned anymore in response to GET /persons, a list of persons in the old format are present in the database of the new UI.

DVR in Watcher UI dashboard To rewind the archive and revise a certain segment on all cameras in the mosaic view, we fixed an issue with a DVR Player showing black screen instead of the archive in the Watcher UI dashboard mode.