1. In addition to Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia and Abkhazia, Flussonic is now able to recognize license plates of all EU (European Union) countries.

  2. The video analytics module is now able to recognize emergency vehicles: fire engines, police cars, ambulances. When implementing a facility access scenario, for example, in addition to opening a barrier by recognized license plates, Watcher will automatically let pass any emergency vehicle.

  3. In the Watcher [mobile app]

  4. Flussonic Agent (software for IP cameras, provides plug&play mode, TLS encryption, etc.) continues to expand the line of supported cameras. This release adds support for the Ingenic T31N processor-based NAG cameras, as well as a number of Dahua models.

What’s new in Flussonic ver. 22.03

  1. In previous releases, Opus codec support was added for TS HTTP, HLS, DASH and for exporting to mp4. Starting from version 22.03, you can also play HLS video with the Opus codec in Flussonic’s player embed.html.