23.12 Central

Flussonic Central 23.12 introduces a host of exciting features. There are significant improvements made in the Central Admin UI to provide users with a broader range of features and capabilities. We also improved security, API requests, analytics status display, and streamlined the Agent provisioning process to enhance your Flussonic Central experience.

Central Admin UI

For debugging purposes and ability to refer not only to API in the console, we added the “Persons” page in Central Admin UI to display a list of persons stored in the database for face recognition.

For transparency and troubleshooting capabilities to stream allocation and layout management, the “Layouts” page and tab were added in the Central Admin UI of Flussonic Media Server.

To make it possible for our users to configure video analytics on specific streams, we added ‘Vision’ tab in a stream profile of Central Admin UI.

For enhanced security we excluded an option to set a default password. If there is a default password set in the /etc/central/central.conf config file, it is to be changed to a random one. Note that the password you set in the EDIT_AUTH environment variable is not affected.

Flussonic Central API

For control, and precise retrieval of the cluster behavior within a defined time frame, GET /streams/{name}/layouts requests were improved with cursor, limit and filtering by layout creation date in Flussonic Central API.

Analytics status display

Not to rely only on logs and be able to understand if analytics is functioning properly, we improved the display of the status of connection between Central and vision or identification nodes with a green indicator and the number of provisioned streams.

Person update process

To reduce the load to the analytics server, the person updating procedure was improved, so that the photo is not sent to the identification server if the face fingerprint already exists and passed by Watcher.


To make the allocation to a streamer faster, when there are any connection issues (e.g. when the connection between Central and Agent breaks), the Agent provisioning process was improved.

Bugs fixed

Streams restart To reduce the number of situations when streams are restarted, we fixed an issue with stream restart on streamers when configuration changes were made on the Central server.

Flussonic Central API There is a layout list appear as expected, instead of “does not exist” error previously returned by GET /streams/{name}/layouts request.

Cameras with Agents To let our customers run updates themselves, if the Central server loses connection to the streamer, it notifies the Agent to reconnect, avoiding situations when streams of cameras with Agents become unavailable after Flussonic restart while the Agents remain live.

To correctly add cameras to end users, our customers can now set up cameras with Agents that properly connect to a server without the necessity to change a streamer or save settings.

Filtering episodes To filter out the episodes generated by the old analytics module (that are not supported by the identification service) _is_null and _is_not_null filters are added for the the fingerprint field

Cluster key parameter As the analytics nodes do not have cluster keys, we made the cluster_key parameter not required for streamers with vision and identification types

Thumbnail quality parameter The thumbnail quality parameter takes the values within the range [0..1] in response to Central. If there are episodes with invalid values (greater than 1), they won’t be returned anymore.

Episodes Episodes are properly fetched from analytics nodes to Central without being incorrectly considered invalid.