23.09 Watcher

Enjoy the latest 23.09 updates that bring new features and great improvements to Flussonic Watcher!

Video Analytics:

To enhance accessibility, accuracy and performance of Watcher video analytics we expanded its capabilities, the video analytics module is now supported through the Central API schema. With this improvement Watcher is empowered with extracting, processing and presenting data from the video streams through a unified and streamlined framework.

In the current release the workflow was simplified with that we empowered customers to extract valuable insights, efficiently manage their data, and optimize their surveillance operations. This improvement was enabled through integrating video analytics of events in Central.

to let our customers try our video analytics features for their further implementation within their own environment, we developed test streams with video analytics available at VSAAS.IO.


Deploying Watcher in Kubernetes (K8s) ensures effortless scalability and resource optimization, enabling efficient management of video surveillance workloads. This integration unlocks streamlined deployment processes, future-proofing your infrastructure and enhancing operational agility. Explore the power of Watcher in K8s in our K8s tutorial!


For efficient resource management and a more secure user experience API v3 support was added to user authorization in the Watcher UI.


To improve the setup process, making it more intuitive and user-friendly, we introduced a dedicated Config tab in the Central UI to enhance configuration efficiency for authentication backends.

Mobile web-interface

Experience ultimate flexibility when accessing and managing your data from any device and anytime with our improved mobile web-interface. The latest Watcher update introduces a client profile page, customizable push notification settings, and a refined event design.

Watcher update

We streamlined the update workflow, ensuring that all components within the ecosystem are automatically updated.


For a better navigation experience for customers managing multiple Agents we added pagination for Agents list in Central.

Data Source Type

We broadened the compatibility spectrum and ensured seamless integration with various streaming sources and destinations. The inclusion of RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, and RTSPS fields in the Listeners section enhances the versatility of Flussonic Watcher, providing users with a comprehensive array of streaming protocols to choose from.


Fixing previews and removing duplicating events is crucial to ensure a smooth and accurate monitoring experience for users. This improvement requires Central updating to the current version to guarantee synchronization and compatibility between Watcher and Central, preventing discrepancies and maintaining the integrity of event data.

Bug Fixes:

Health page: A notable improvement was made with the Health page that now remains accessible in scenarios where one of the streamers goes offline. This enhancement ensures that users are no longer met with a disruptive 500 application error, providing a smoother and uninterrupted monitoring experience.

Charts: A technical bug that led to an inaccurate representation of charts on the Overview tab particularly after manual page update was fixed. This critical fix not only ensures data accuracy but also empowers users to confidently rely on up-to-date visual representations and improve their user experience.

Events: This release contains fixes that ensure accurate preview display and eliminate the occurrence of duplicated events, bolstering the overall precision and reliability of video analytics and management processes (this fix requires the latest version of Central to be installed).

DVR episodes: We successfully fixed the issue within the Central UI that affected the display of preview images for DVR episodes on the Events tab to ensure our customers can use the full functionality of our product and with an easier navigation process through DVR episodes.

Watcher NVR: A critical issue impacting Watcher NVR functionality has been resolved in this release, wherein Watcher encountered difficulties playing streams due to invalid tokens. With the fix in place, seamless stream playback is ensured, and the integrity of Watcher NVR operations is maintained.

Watcher update: Previously, we faced an issue observed during the update of Watcher VMS, when the update script got stuck while performing the migration process. This problem has been addressed in the latest release, ensuring a smoother update experience for users.

Others: This update resolves a technical issue where the Watcher UI would occasionally switch languages randomly. With the fix in place, the language stability is restored.

Watcher Documentation:

License plate recognition: Kazakhstan and Bulgaria are added to the list of countries where LPR is available

Compatibility of cameras: We replaced an outdated page on the ONVIF-compatible cameras with a new description available in Searching for cameras section