23.06 Central

Introducing Flussonic Central 23.06—an innovative software solution that revolutionizes stream management and orchestration. Built upon the modular capabilities of Flussonic Watcher, this standalone technology focuses on stream orchestration, while Watcher remains dedicated to business logic development. Flussonic Central provides a robust platform for fault tolerance, cluster management, and seamless integration with other Flussonic products.Unlock the potential of your streaming system and maximize efficiency with Flussonic Central 23.06.

Put your streaming and surveillance needs in the hands of Flussonic Central. This comprehensive platform enables centralized control over multiple cameras, providing access to analytics, PTZ control, agent management, and camera configuration. Working with or separate from Flussonic Watcher VMS, Flussonic Central streamlines the organization and management of Flussonic Media Servers—making it the ideal solution for any video streaming and surveillance requirements.

We are delighted to officially unveil Flussonic Central 23.06, the culmination of our diligent efforts in response to user feedback. Experience the pinnacle of stream management for video streaming and surveillance applications with this sophisticated solution, boasting a multitude of enhanced features and immersive functionalities. Embrace Flussonic Central’s intuitive design and streamlined solutions, enabling you to take control of your streams and maximize your success.

IMPORTANT: We would like to draw your attention to a significant change in the configuration of Watcher installations beginning with version 23.06 and onwards. In order to ensure a successful transition, we strongly urge you to reach out to our team of knowledgeable professionals before upgrading your Watcher software. Our expert support staff stands ready to provide invaluable guidance and assistance throughout the entire process.

Stream and streamer management

Fostering operational efficiency, Flussonic Central streamer control functions are now independent of Watcher VMS, offering streamlined organization and maximum control over streamers.

Intelligent stream distribution

  • Experience enhanced stream distribution efficiency with the latest update of Flussonic Central. By optimizing the process through the collection of a comprehensive cluster snapshot, streamers are accurately identified as online or offline, enabling intelligent stream reassignment. This advancement ensures optimal resource allocation, stream management, and maximized performance.

Seamless archiving

  • Flussonic Central offers comprehensive stream archiving, offering an uninterrupted experience when transferring streams between streamerseaming services. Through our control feature, users are guaranteed sustained access to their archives with ease and reliability.

Enhanced streamer configuration

  • Ensuring streamers are properly configured, Flussonic Central employs hostname and port validation to prevent duplication of entries and maximize accuracy.

  • We have made considerable progress in streamlining the process of provisioning configuration from Central, enabling users to manage comprehensive updates via a single PUT request rather than having to make multiple individual requests.

  • Introducing automatic config_external provisioning, Flussonic Central enables seamless configuration updates providing a smooth and efficient process for updating configurations across your streamer infrastructure.

Real-time streamer and stream information

  • Discover the optimal streaming source for a specific stream with the GET /streams/{name} request. This real-time information allows users to easily integrate stream data into their user interface.

  • The GET streamers/streams request yields an HTTP 404 error in the event of a non-existent streamer hostname, expediting error management and bolstering configuration precision.

  • The stream fetching API is now equipped with cursor logic, providing expedient access and precise traversal through expansive datasets.

Stability and reliability

  • We have successfully resolved an issue that caused active cameras to disconnect upon transitioning between streamers, thus ensuring a continuous streaming experience.

Fault tolerance and load balancing

Streamer failover

  • In the event of a streamer failure, Flussonic Central provides unparalleled resilience through its capacity to seamlessly switch the stream to a functioning streamer or hostname specified in advance. Rest assured that your streaming experience will remain uninterrupted and free from any disturbances.

  • We have resolved a critical problem, thereby ensuring greater reliability and uninterrupted streaming. Specifically, we have rectified an issue where backup streamers would not take over in the event of failure, providing an extra layer of fault tolerance.

Load balancing

  • Flussonic Central now offers scalability through its support of Load Balancer URLs and Load Balancer URLs for the MSS Protocol.

  • This breakthrough technology enables intelligent routing of streaming requests, allowing for optimized stream delivery and performance. Additionally, this mechanism facilitates precision-targeted distribution of streaming traffic, leading to improved system resilience and stability.

Agent management

Flussonic Central elevates agent management to a higher level, offering users access to a suite of advanced capabilities for provisioning, authentication, and monitoring.

Optimized agent interaction

  • Flussonic Central has implemented a streamlined approach to updating streampoints, ensuring that updates are only made when a new streamer is connected to an agent.

  • A ping response system has been put into effect, allowing for continual monitoring of the connection by both the agent and Central in order to ensure its reliability.

Resolved agent ID population issue

  • The connection issues experienced by streams with agents have been rectified by the successful implementation of Agent IDs in the Central database.

  • This ensures proper agent connectivity and seamless streaming operations.

Improved agent statistics and logging

  • Agent statistics are now stored in the runtime rather than the database, resulting in improved system performance and quicker access to essential data.

  • The logging mechanism of the agent connection process has been upgraded, streamlining the troubleshooting of agent connection difficulties and expediting their resolution.

Accurate agent status display

  • Users can leverage real-time agent status data to optimize their monitoring and management processes.

Enhanced compatibility

  • The peer_ip parameter returned in the GET /streamer/api/v3/agents request has been updated to comply with the standard IPv4 format, thereby minimizing potential integration issues and upholding the API schema.

Configuration and installation

Enhanced container deployment and configuration

  • Flussonic Central supports Docker, enabling users to deploy and run Central within a Docker container. This compatibility simplifies deployment, improves portability, and enhances scalability, allowing for seamless integration into existing Docker-based infrastructures.

  • Flussonic Central can run without a config file, making it ideal for containerized environments like Docker. All necessary configurations can be set through environment variables, offering enhanced flexibility and fault tolerance. This eliminates the need for a separate config file, streamlining deployment and simplifying configuration management within containers.

Running without config file

  • The peer_ip parameter returned in the GET /streamer/api/v3/agents request has been revised to comply with the IPv4 standard, thus minimizing potential integration complications and upholding the consistency of the API schema.

  • Flussonic Central can now run without a config file, enabling usage within Docker or other containers. All required configurations can be set through environment variables, enhancing flexibility and fault tolerance in containerized environments.Flussonic Central can run now without a config file.

Multiarch build and installation package

  • Flussonic Central offers a comprehensive installation package that is compatible with both ARM64 and X86 platforms.

  • The Central Docker Container has been updated to include a multiarch build, encompassing support for the ARM64 architecture.

Single installation mode:

  • Discover the conveniences of Flussonic Central’s new single installation mode, allowing for uninterrupted use when all three components—Central, Watcher VMS, and Media Server—are running on a single host. This streamlined approach simplifies setup and administration of the Flussonic ecosystem, optimizing the user experience with unprecedented ease.