Powerful multi-channel just-in-time packaging platform for HLS,
DASH, MSS, LL-HLS, DASH-CMAF, fMP4, etc. with the full support
of HEVC for high-quality and reliable content delivery with
up to 10Gbps capacity and up to 5Tb SSD cache.


Just-in-time packaging

Support for all video delivery protocols: HLS, LL-HLS, DASH, DASH-CMAF, MSS, etc.

DRM Support

Archive caching

SSD cache up

Video Ingest in a Cluster

WebRTC playback

MSE-LD HTML5 player

4K UHD delivery




WebVTT, TTML, Teletext, DVB subtitle, Closed captions

Video codec support H264, H265, AV1

Full SRT support

10 gbps output (up to 40 gbps*)

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