23.03 Media Server

The spring release of 2023 brings a number of noticeable changes in the web interface and personal accounts. These updates are immediately visible in the new stream overview page and in the retroview analytics tab

There are even more changes “under the hood”. New features and improvements cover several areas at once: VOD, ad insertion, multiplexer, DVR-players, archive and subtitles.

Below you can find release notes on the most interesting updates. The full list of new features and improvements are available in the changelog:

We are confident that a lot of companies will benefit from the latest updates in Flussonic Media Server 23.03 - from traditional IPTV providers to cloud service providers.

Subtitles recognition and support

The latest release of Flussonic Media Server includes many improvements in subtitles recognition service:

  • inclusion of web-vtt subtitles in the fmp4 manifest
  • improved capturing of subtitles from DekTec cards (sdi_dektec_pusher and sdi_dektec_reader were removed),
  • fixed cropping and incorrect display of DVB subtitles via Tesseract recognition

Ads insertion

The documentation was updated providing information on support of the new format for SCTE35 tags output to HLS per RFC8216. This option is needed to insert your ads on SCTE-35 tags for iOS-based devices.

New personal account - my2.flussonic.com

We are gradually improving and enhancing my2.flussonic.com with new options and features. The noticeable updates in the new release refer to the list of servers in the retroview analytics (now you can see statistics by sessions and servers), and display of date and time for each session in the list of sessions.

The new personal account in the latest release offers an improved overview page to manage streams in the cloud. It includes all information on one page to make the stream management more transparent and convenient: the list of publications by different protocols, input and output media info, links for Embedded HTML player for publication on your site and more:


We fixed errors on the tickets page and added markup for ticket text: users can now edit the text to make it more readable and understandable. With the new release updates the personal account menu is displayed correctly on mobile devices.


The new and improved web interface offers not only text, but also a “tab” - a graphical view of the stream list. It is more intuitive and transparent and allows you to manage more streams on one page.

Flussonic UI

Flussonic UI

Flussonic UI

DVR Player

Many changes in the 23.03 release made the DVR player more convenient and functional. The logo support was added in the new release of DVR player. With 23.03 updates the users have the option to select tracks: they can independently choose the quality of the track for playing video in the player, e.g. depending on the bandwidth. They can also set the export limits in the embedded player - there is an option to set the duration and time interval for export. At the same time a permanent preview has been added when selecting an interval for export. The procedure for limiting the export interval has become more convenient. Double-clicking on the timeline moves the nearest interval marker to the selected point, even if you have scrolled the timeline so that the markers are not visible. The documentation regarding DVR now includes recommendations for organizing distributed storage of archives in order to avoid data loss.

Set duration for DASH-manifest

The new option to set duration for DASH manifest significantly reduced the streaming infrastructure workload for OTT operators. The advantage of such manifests is that the client does not need to request the manifest again while playing the stream (it is enough to request it once at the beginning of playback).


The issue with increased consumption of CPU resources when running scheduler (internal stream service task scheduler) after migration to the 23.01 version was fixed in the 23.03 version. The new release also resolved the issue of memory leak on pusher.


In the latest release a lot of work has been done to improve support for video capture cards from various manufacturers. This is important for terrestrial, cable TV and satellite operators who need to maintain a fleet of heterogeneous video capture equipment. We fixed the issues of missing teletext in video received from an SDI card after being sent to the same SDI. The new release includes elimination of errors of capturing t2mi signals via ASI were eliminated for DekTec cards. Issues of video capture with incorrect audio data were fixed for DekTec SDI. OP-47 support (Subtitle Transfer Method) for HD-SDI capture was added for Decklink cards.

Flussonic API

We are continuously updating the Open API schema description for the Flussonic Media Server in each release. We added the active field to the statistics, updated API event management documentation. Following the terminology update, we added WHEP (WebRTC HTTP Egress Protocol) description for Flussonic API, but WHAP is still available.