Flussonic Watcher: video surveillance as a service (VSaaS).

August 31, 2020

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Flussonic Watcher: video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) – complete new business for IPTV providers straight from the box

video surveillance as a service

Do you already have Flussonic Media Server and load of private clients? Going in-home with security cameras - Flussonic Watcher helps to kickstart new business with no effort.

In January 2018 Lucintel published a report called “Video Surveillance Market Report: Trends, Forecast and Competitive Analysis”. Providing cutting-edge technology for video surveillance is a notable part of Flussonic business, and as we try to stay in tune with our customers, Flussonic team pays much attention to this market development. That’s why we could not miss such an issue.From the first point of view, it is just another 195-pages long market overview with lots of numbers, a long list of Chinese companies leading the market, trends review and forecasts. But there are few facts and figures in the market report, that seem to us very exciting and important. We decided to share with you.

The authors of the report studied commercial, government, transportation, and residential sector of the video surveillance industry. According to their prognosis, the global video surveillance market is expected to reach an estimated $39.3 billion by 2023, which means CAGR of 9.3% from 2018 to 2023. These numbers are huge, driven by increasing awareness for safety and security, increasing crime rate and advancement IP cameras. Due to development of IP cameras tech, IP surveillance systems are expected to have the largest share in the dominating commercial segment.

These numbers promise perfect business opportunities for any company, that builds its services with Flussonic technology: expanding its business would be smooth and easy. Especially for B2C companies such as IPTV services providers.video-surveillanceThe main reason is - it’s cost effective. Ultimate video surveillance service based on Flussonic tech stack includes:

Flussonic Media Server - core technology that empowers all transсoding and video delivery tasks,

Flussonic Watcher - complex software platform for a surveillance system,

Flussonic Agent - a camera software to upgrade its capabilities.

If this company already has Flussonic Media Server, it cuts expenses for licensing, new tech stack integration and staff. According to numbers of the company existing clients, it can start serving new video surveillance tasks even without hardware upgrades – Flussonic is well-known for its high-load sustainability. VSaaS is quickly being adopted in the industry as it offers numerous benefits over traditional onsite DVR / NVR video storage. Below is a summary of the main benefits.

Two others software solutions were specially designed for video surveillance needs. Flussonic Agent is free software for any Linux-based cameras that seriously enhances its security, encryption, video delivery quality and administration. Flussonic Watcher – a unique solution, that grants administration tools, combined with a solid and secure user experience for subscribers. Launch Flussonic Watcher web server, connect it with Flussonic Media Server, upgrade cameras with Flussonic Agent and a new business is ready to conquer the market.If the company already has strong positions in the B2C market, it has no need to build its client base from scratch. All existing clients are future subscribers – just add a bit of sales and marketing magic. If not – Flussonic can help you win new clientele, thanks to its advantages: security and pricing flexibility.

The VSaaS servers are a fully protected secure location for your video and automation services.

Security is always the first matter of concern for video surveillance users: no one wants his video to become available to public or hackers. Usual basic setups, made by non-expert administrators, include lots of exploits: default passwords in cameras firmware, unsecured video channels, unbacked video recorders on the venue and so on. Flussonic provides solution to these common problems: we upgrade cameras with safe and advanced software, use SSL encoding to transfer video, provide cloud-based storage for recordings. If someone decided to inflict harm on your property – be sure you can get his footage until he cuts the cameras from electricity. And finally, we come to the question of pricing. Those, who stay with us for a while, know Flussonic for its attractive pricing policy, that helps to keep enterprise production costs at low rates. We keep this benchmark in video surveillance industry as well: Flussonic Watcher price is less than most of its competitors (per camera), new features are mostly free and hardware requirements are rather average. Add to these benefits an option to use barely any cameras of your choice and calculate a profitable and steady financial plan for the new way of your existing business!