Flussonic Agent

is a camera software that extends default capabilities of Linux-based IP cameras.

PORT forwarding
TLS Encrypt

Improved video delivery

Most IP cameras work very poorly in large networks: interrupted stream, corrupted video frames (missing blocks, stuck fragments), green stripes and other performance lags. Flussonic Agent takes care of all these problems.


RTSP stream is not encrypted on most IP cameras. Login and password are sent as plain text. Camera screenshots are not encrypted. Flussonic Agent sends all data via a TLS-encrypted channel: video stream, screenshots, credentials, and control commands.

High security

Any modern IP camera connected to the Internet is vulnerable to hijacking and viruses. In 2017, more than 560,000 devices were infected with the Mirai bot (virus). Both generic cameras and expensive branded cameras were exposed to intruders. Typical security issues include: using the default login and password, providing Internet access to a camera. Flussonic Agent: doesn’t require access to a camera via the Internet, lets you isolate a camera from any network, creates logins and passwords automatically.

Plug-n-play mode

You no longer need to keep a record of IP addresses, configure a VPN, set up port forwarding, or rely on network settings. Flussonic Agent connects to a server directly and transmits video without dropping frames or losing quality.

Camera authentication

Flussonic Agent obtains camera IDs (serial numbers, MAC addresses, etc.) to let you further customize the camera and assign it to end users.

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