HDS, or HTTP Dynamic Streaming, is a technology for delivering adaptive bitrate streaming video over HTTP. It was developed by Adobe Systems and is used to deliver high-quality video content over the internet.

With HDS, the video stream is divided into small chunks, and each chunk is encoded at multiple bitrates. This allows the player to dynamically switch between the different bitrates based on the viewer’s internet connection, ensuring the best possible viewing experience. The player selects the chunk with the highest bitrate that can be smoothly streamed, and adjusts the bitrate as the network conditions change.

HDS is compatible with a wide range of devices, including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. It is also supported by many popular video players, including Adobe Flash Player and HTML5 video players.

HDS streaming refers to the process of delivering video content over the internet using HDS technology. This allows content creators and distributors to reach a wider audience with high-quality video, regardless of the viewer’s internet connection speed or device.

Overall, HDS is a flexible and reliable technology for delivering high-quality video content over the internet, making it a popular choice for online video streaming.

Flussonic Media Server supports HDS. Flussonic Media Server is a software platform for delivering video and audio streaming services, and it includes support for a wide range of streaming protocols, including HDS. With Flussonic, content creators and distributors can use HDS to deliver high-quality video content to their audience over the internet, regardless of the viewer’s device or network conditions. Flussonic provides a flexible and scalable solution for delivering video content, making it a popular choice for organizations and businesses of all sizes.


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