3 out of 4 video providers fail to offer stable video streams

June 5, 2017

2minute read

We strive to stay on the edge of the streaming technology, so this year we did a market research to better understand our clients and video business owners. Now we are ready to make it public so everybody can have access to this important data.

It’s available as a PDF document for free. Just contact us using the form below and we will send you the complete research:

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Research highlights

This white paper indicates current problems in the video industry and the technology trend changes for a couple of years from now. It comes with neat graphs, charts and further details.

video streams

Flussonic survey results show that the 74% of video service administrators and IPTV business owners wanted to have more stable streams. More than a half respondents wanted better quality and lower delays (2 seconds and less).

To this point, Flash framework has been the most functional, stable and it had the lowest video broadcast delays. WebRTC isn’t there yet to replace Flash completely, but 62% video experts agree on that Flash will be gone in two years.

About 800 admins, managers and business owners participated in this video streaming survey.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this PDF report. You can freely share this paper or parts of it, mentioning Flussonic.