Partner Spotlight: BuyDRM

January 28, 2021

2minute read


Our partners actively innovate with Flussonic and with our joint customers, resulting in a broad portfolio of solutions that work synergistically with Flussonic products across all lines of business and industries.

In this Partner Spotlight, we want to tell you more about BuyDRM, its KeyOS platform, and its integration with our Flussonic Media Server.

BuyDRM is a leading global provider of content security and digital rights management (DRM) services for the entertainment, business and hospitality industries. Its KeyOS Multi-DRM platform is used globally by many world-renowned companies such as ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), BBC iPlayer, BBC Sounds, Blizzard, EPIX, FuboTV, Sony New Media Solutions, The Academy of Motion Picture Sciences and Arts (AMPAS), TubiTV, Showtime, Zee5, among others.

BuyDRM has earned many recognitions throughout its history, such as when Frost & Sullivan awarded it the 2018 Global Content Protection Entrepreneurial Company of the Year award.

KeyOS is an award-winning, studio-approved multi-DRM platform for premium content distribution. The MultiKey Service provides a robust, scalable solution for secure premium content delivery in both live and VOD formats and supports the three main flavors of DRM (FairPlay, PlayReady and Widevine). BuyDRM prides itself on being one of the largest, if not the largest, distributor of DRM license keys in the world. KeyOS is capable of supporting 100B license key deliveries a year using a variety of in-house developed technologies including the KeyOS MultiKey Server for Linux and Windows.

In our integration, Flussonic acts as an online packager, which means that you keep the original content on the disk intact and can even serve it to some users without protection if needed, but to the outside world, Flussonic will encrypt the content on-demand. Flussonic supports encryption of live streams and VOD files.

If you want to learn how you can configure Multi-DRM with Flussonic Media Server and KeyOS for a broadcast or a VOD file, see the following article in our documentation section where we show you the entire process step by step.