Launch Flussonic on DigitalOcean in seconds and with just a few clicks!

July 23, 2021

1minute read


We are pleased to announce that Flussonic Media Server is now available on the popular DigitalOcean Marketplace, where you will find our award-winning software pre-configured and ready to run in any region of the world.

What do you have to do?"

You are set! That’s all!

By completing these simple steps, you will have a fully functional Flussonic Media Server on the DigitalOcean Cloud. All functions will be available for you to enjoy!

You can run Flussonic Media Server on DigitalOcean to:

​​IPTV / OTT: to capture, transcode and deliver TV channels via HLS or DASH. A droplet with a guaranteed CPU will be able to transcode even FullHD channels. 50GB of disk space will be enough to record several days of the archive of a single channel.

User Generated Content: to post via WebRTC, stream via WebRTC or HLS-LL with latency of up to 350ms.

IP cameras: to start recording and create your own IP camera recorder.