Flussonic is to launch a new product at IBC2019 on 13-17 September 2019.

September 14, 2019

2minute read

Flussonic is set to launch a new product, the Flussonic Coder, a server solution for transcoding, repacking, archiving, protecting, and delivering of video content. The launch will take place at IBC2019, the world’s most influential media, entertainment and technology show held in Amsterdam on 13-17 September 2019.

The Flussonic Coder is a server appliance based on Flussonic Media Server software. The optimized hardware can perform simultaneous transcoding of several dozens multi-bitrate fullHD channels and is adapted for format transformation as well as video stream defense, archiving, and distribution. The Flussonic Coder is aimed at cable telecoms, TV companies, broadcasters and streaming services.

“In the past, companies used to choose between three instruments: they could opt for a transcoding processor, a video accelerator, or a special series of Intel processors with integrated Intel QuickSync transcoding hardware. However, none of these instruments can offer a single all-embracing video transcoding solution. We have designed the Flussonic Coder for users who need to transcode multiple channels. Our transcoder is able to efficiently and predictably meet that need”, said Maxim Lapshin, Flussonic founder and technical director.

Flussonic has been in operation since 2010. Today, the company ranks among the key international players in the video transmission and transcoding segment. Flussonic’s core competency is the development of efficient, high-load video streaming hardware and software products. The company’s product range features the Flussonic Media Server (a server solution for video transcoding, storage, and transmission), the Flussonic Watcher (an integrated solution for video IP surveillance including), the Flussonic Coder (a video transcoding solution), and video analytics tools (face and car number-plate recognition).

The launch of the Flussonic Coder will take place at the Flussonic stand in the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre (Hall 14 - F23). Join us to learn more about Flussonic video streaming and surveillance solutions, including the new capabilities of the Flussonic Media Server and Flussonic Watcher.