Video streaming
and recording

Flussonic works with almost all H264/H265 cameras, record video, capture motion events, provide multi user access via browser and mobile apps

Flussonic can take video from headends, transcode it, record for catchup and timeshift and play it out on all modern devices ingesting advert into stream.

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Supported protocols


Getting the stream through
a satellite receiver or a PC

Flussonic features

  • Onvif support

    Automated discovery and configuration for thousands of IP cameras

  • Motion detection

    Support for motion detection and integration with video analytics systems

  • Full web access

    All features are accessible in browser without any plugins

  • Mobile apps

    Mobile access to cameras and their archive

Flussonic features

  • Cloud ecosystem

    Support for Amazon S3, Openstack Storage and others for DVR and VOD makes your service scalable

  • Middleware integration

    Flussonic can be integrated with your service without any expensive Java programmers

  • Multibitrate transcoder

    Included transcoder will help you to get the best quality of service with multibitrate content

  • Video archives

    Flussonic has cloud and cluster capable DVR which is best on market

Request a free trial

Flussonic offers affordable, monthly plans from $75.00 per month per server, volume discounts can be arranged to under $60.00 per month per server.

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Installing Flussonic.


Version 4.6.4

Subtitles and teletext support, full configuration for MPEGTS provider and service name, thumbnailer now can take screenshots from camera ...


Version 4.6.3

Added media name rewriter, audio sample rate changing, etc..


Version 4.6.0

NVIDIA and Intel QuickSync support in transcoder, new admin UI, H265 support, Flussonic Watcher


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