Live streaming software

Flussonic is a video streaming server software used by thousands of companies worldwide to broadcast TV programs, stream live events, distance education, telemedicine, offer video surveillance and many more. Our carrier-grade solutions help business clients receive, store, transcode, and deliver video. As a technology partner for TV networks, enterprise organizations, and start-ups we add value by combining our technical expertise with our experience in building high-load, scalable video streaming platforms.

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Flussonic Media Server

Video streaming server software for a wide variety of tasks that include mass storage, transcoding, live and on-demand video delivery as well as access to the flow control. The media server can be installed on any Linux server machine.

Flussonic Watcher

Web-based and mobile-friendly software solution for launching a surveillance system in a large organization or as an additional service by a telecom operator. The system includes flexible integration and billing. Watcher is a scalable, ready-to-use system that works with almost any IP camera without a complex setup.

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Flussonic Solutions

Consulting, extended technical support and custom development. We have deep expertise in video delivery and media storage and will help you with your custom project.

Flussonic Cloud

Ready-to-use video streaming service
A cloud-based solution with automatic scaling. Launch your video streaming service tomorrow without buying infrastructure.

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Watcher now offers powerful episode-based functionality for video analytics and motion event processing.

Media Server 23.09

Meet Flussonic Media Server 23.09 Release

How we ended up with OpenAPI

How we transformed the product development process from the traditional Code First approach in building API