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Watcher user interface

Users can log into Flussoniс Watcher using their login and password after the administrator has added them to the system. They can access cameras that were assigned to them by an administrator.

To open the Watcher UI, open in the browser this URL:


The Watcher UI consists of the following sections:

  • Cameras. This is the main page of the Watcher interface. Here the dashboard is located – the place where you can view and manage cameras.

  • Favorites. Here you can access only selected cameras.

  • Mosaics. Mosaics are groups of cameras that are displayed together on a single page. You can add up to eight cameras to a mosaic to view them all at once.

  • Agents. Here you manage the list of cameras with Flussonic Agent installed.

  • Map. You can access cameras by clicking them right on the map. The map shows only cameras with configured coordinates.

  • Notifications. Event notifications.

  • Users (for the Administrator). The place where you can view and manage users.

  • Organizations (for the Administrator). The place where you can view and manage Organizations and Organization users.

  • Settings (for the Administrator). Watcher settings.

  • Profile (for the Administrator). The page where you can edit a user's data used for their working with Watcher.

  • Statistics (for the Administrator). Shows how server resources were used over a specified time period.

  • Health (for the Administrator). Server health info.

  • Access log (for the Administrator). The history of user sessions.