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Viewing video from cameras on external websites

In Flussonic Media Server, you can view video streams not only in its web interface, but also on external websites. A special page embed.html is used for this purpose.

Flussonic Watcher has a similar feature. Watcher API allows generating a link for the player that you can then use for integration of Watcher with external web pages such as a corporate website or the user's account. A link can be to a live stream, to the stream's archive or to a specified part in the archive.

This section will tell you how to embed video from IP cameras in Watcher to a webpage outside Watcher, including:

  • forming a link to a video
  • different types of links (live, archive, part of an archive)
  • ways to use the link and parameters that you can add to the URL (see in the documentation of Flussonic Media Server)

Getting the URL for embedding video to a website

To embed the video from a camera to a website:

  1. In Watcher in the list of cameras, click the More icon on the right and click Share.

  2. The window that opens will show the URL for embedding the camera. Click the Copy icon.

  3. Paste the link to the code of your website.

Examples of URLs for embedding video to websites

The example uses a camera named CAMERA_NAME. Time should be specified in Unix Timestamp.

Live video with low latency:


Live video with low latency with controls to view the DVR archive:


DVR archive starting from the specified time: