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Using Flussonic Agent

Flussonic Agent (or Agent) is a small-size software that you install on IP cameras or on other devices used in a video surveillance service. It allows cameras or other devices from a local area network to connect to an external Watcher server. An encrypted channel is used.

It is enough to connect a device with Agent to the Internat, and Agent automatically connects to your server where Watcher is running.

The benefits of using Agent

Agent solves the problem of communication between Watcher and devices from behind NAT. It helps if the camera does not have a dedicated IP address or you do not want to perform port forwarding on network equipment so that the camera in the local network could be seen by a remote Watcher server via the Internet. With Agent, a camera itself initiates the connection with Watcher and automatically registers there (without Agent, usually it is the server that initiates the connection with cameras).

In addition, Agent helps if the communication channel between the camera and the server is unstable. Cameras, for the most part, do not know how to buffer video. Agent installed on cameras uses the buffer to resend packets that for some reason did not reach the server.

The Flussonic Agent section provides details about how Agent works and how it is better than other ways of delivering video from cameras to Flussonic Watcher.

In this section:

Devices supported by Agent

You can install Flussonic Agent on the following types of devices:

  • On an IP camera
  • On a microcomputer Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
  • On a router that supports OpenWRT (coming in future Watcher versions)

Depending on where Agent is installed, it works differently:

  • If Agent is installed on an IP camera, it automatically connects a camera to the Watcher server and starts transmitting video from the camera at the moment the camera is connected to the server.

  • With Agent installed on a device (router or microcomputer Raspberry Pi), Watcher gets access to all cameras that are located in the same LAN with this device. Watcher, which works on an external server, can take video streams from cameras via Agent. Without Agent, access to cameras would be blocked by NAT. With this method of installing Agent, you don't install it on cameras. This method eliminates the risk that after the camera has been updated by the manufacturer, Agent might not start on it.