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My Cameras

Users can view and manage cameras in the Cameras section (if they have permissions to cameras).

Camera list views

You can view the list of cameras in several modes. Click the icon in the top right corner of the Cameras page to select the mode:

Select the mode to display camera list

Small cards and Cards

These are the list of automatically updated screenshots from all cameras.

On the screenshot of each camera there are buttons that allows you to manage a camera:

Buttons to control camera tile


In this mode, you will see a hierarchy of Organizations, folders and cameras.

Cameras list

In the List mode the following filters are available:

  • by the title
  • by the depth of the DVR archive
  • by the streamer where a camera is connected
  • by various attributes: Onvif, ANPR (car number recognition), Online (only cameras that are online), and so on.


In this mode you can drag cameras to a previously created mosaic and immediately see the resulting mosaic. This mode is a convenient alternative to managing mosaics in the Mosaics or Organizations sections. Your changes are automatically saved.


A distinctive feature of this method of working with mosaics is that cameras from different organizations can be added to the mosaic. If users have access to such a mosaic but do not have access to some cameras in it, then they will only see their own cameras while forbidden cameras will be blackened.

Select the mosaic in the MOSAIC menu to view it. Use the mosaic's menu to edit, copy or delete the mosaic.

Mosaic menu

Viewing the camera's live video or DVR archive

Go to Cameras to view live video or archive. You can access live video or archive in different ways depending on the display mode:

  • In Cards mode click the camera name or the Play button on the picture from the camera.

    The Play button in the Cards mode

  • In the List mode click three-dot menu then select View.

    View from the list

  • In Dashbord mode, live video is displayed when you switch to the mode. Click DVR to view archive from all cameras on the mosaic at once.

If the camera has DVR, the player will show it as the green part of the timeline.

Time scale

DVR on Dashboard