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My Cameras


Dashboard is a primary webpage where users view and manage their cameras. In the Dashboard you can see preview images of video received from each camera. Technically speaking, it is a table that contains screenshots from cameras in its cells.

To open the dashboard, go to Cameras.

On the screenshot of each camera there are buttons that allows you to manage a camera:

You can select different modes for viewing the camera list in Cameras. To change the view mode, click one of the icons in the upper part of Watcher page:

  • Small tiles
  • Large tiles
  • The list In the List mode the following filters are available:

    • by the title
    • by the depth of the DVR archive
    • by the streamer where a camera is connected
    • by various attributes: Onvif, ANPR (car number recognition), Online (только работающие камеры), and so on.
  • Mosaic mode. In this mode you can drag cameras to a mosaic and immediately see the resulting mosaic. This mode is a convenient alternative to managing mosaics in the Mosaics section.

The list shows automatically updated screenshots from all cameras. In order to watch a certain camera or its video archive, click the screenshot or Play button:

To open camera in a bigger player, click a camera name or the Play button:

To view a camera in full screen, click the enlarge button on the player.

Viewing the camera's DVR archive

You can open the DVR archive of a camera in a number of ways:

  • In Cameras in Tile mode click the camera name.
  • In Cameras in Tile mode click the Play button on the picture from the camera.
  • In Cameras in List mode click the More icon and then click View.

If the camera has DVR, the player will show it as the green part of the timeline.