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Managing Organizations

In your CCTV subscriber service that uses Watcher, you give each subscriber their own space in Watcher where they can add cameras and give other users access to them. This space is called Organization, and you need to create as many Organizations in Watcher as you have subscribers to your service.

Thus, in your Watcher you will need to create as many Organizations as the nummber of your Subscribers.

If you use Flussonic Watcher as a security system on a protected object, then a single Organization will be enough for you — it is created in Watcher by default.

To manage Organizations, go to Organizations in the Watcher main menu.

This page tells you how:

Adding Organizations

If you use Flussonic Watcher as a security system on a protected object, then you will be good with a single Organization created by default.

If you use Watcher as a CCTV service, you need to create an Organization that corresponds to each subscriber.


Before you add an Organization, you need to create a user who will be the owner for this Organization. This user must have the full set of permissions for managing the Organization.

To add an Organization for a new subscriber:

  1. Go to Organizations > create an Organization
  2. Fill in the form and click Save.

Организации Watcher

  • Title — defines the name with which the Organization will be displayed in the list of Organizations.

  • Owner — a Watcher user who has the maximum permissions for managing the Organization (meaning managing cameras and users) and who is responsible for payments for your service.


The Watcher user - Organization owner must be created in Watcher before you create an Organization.


— notes about the Organization.

  • Camera limit — the maximum number of cameras that can be added to a single Organization.

  • User limit — the maximum number of users that can be added to a single Organization.

  • DVR limit — the maximum number of camera-days of the archive that will be available for this Organization. For example, you can set the limit of 10 camera-days. These 10 camera-days of the archive can be distributed arbitrarily among cameras, for example, you can configure Camera 1 to have 3 days of the archive, Camera 2 — 3 days of the archive, and Camera 3 — 4 days of the archive. So totally we have 10 camera-days of archive for all cameras.

Editing Organizations

To edit an Organization, go to Organizations and in the list click the title of the Organization you want to modify.

Adding cameras to an Organization

The key element of each Organization is the list of IP cameras. One camera can belong only to one Organization.

A camera can be added in Watcher only within an Organization. There are two ways in Watcher to add a camera.

Adding a camera on the Organizations page:

  1. Go to Organizations

  2. In the list of Organizations, find the Organization where you are going to add a camera and click the counter in the Cameras column.

    After doing so, you can either add an existing camera to the Organization or create a new camera and then add it to the Organization.

Adding a camera on the Cameras page:

When you manually add a camerа you need to specify the Organization and (optionally) Folder.

By default, Watcher uses an Organization marked as Default, and the root folder inside the default Organization.

Deleting a camera from an Organization

To delete a camera from an Organization, go to camera settings and edit Organization and Folder.