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Flussonic Agent in the Watcher UI

This section describes how to view the list of Agents registered in your Watсher.

Adding and viewing Agents in Watcher

If Agent is installed on a camera, it connects to Watcher automatically. After you have connected Agent to the Internet, Agent registers and appears in Watcher.

To check that Agent has registered in Watcher successfully, go to Agents and you'll see the list of Agents that have registered in Watcher. The list containsthe following data:

  • Agent's status — Watcher uses color to show the state of Agent (red for not working Agents, green for working Agents).
  • AgentID — a unique identifier of this Agent.
  • Camera — the name of channel on a camera that is transmitted via this Agent.
  • Info — additional information about Agent (private IP address, version, time of uninterrupted work).
  • SN — Agent serial number.
  • Streamer — the streaming server to which this Agent is connected.