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Adding cameras

Cameras in Watcher are created and exist only within a specific Organization. One camera can belong to one Organization only. Please refer to Managing Organizations section for details.

You can add IP cameras to Watcher in the following ways:

  • Manually — you manually fill in all the data necessary for connecting the camera.

  • Via the mobile app — a camera must have the Agent software installed.

  • Searching by ONVIF — the standard ONVIF protocol allows you to discover cameras in the local network and add them to Watcher. When using this method, the cameras must be in the same local network with the Watcher server.


You can also add a list of cameras by uploading CSV to Watcher. This will require using the API.

If you use Agent, the cameras can be added automatically or manually.

Supported codecs

Please note that full functionality of Watcher can be achieved with H.264 codec only.

The use of H.265 (HEVC) depends on whether it is supported in a web browser. As for today, only Safary supports H.265 while some mobile browsers and some legacy versions of MS Edge can play it if there is hardware support on the device.

Thus, you will be able to record H.265 video to DVR and watch it in Watcher mobile app. If you need your cameras in a web browser, please consider using H.264.

Adding cameras manually

After Watcher is installed, you will see no cameras in the Watcher UI, even if they are present on Flussonic Media Server. To add a camera to the system, go to Cameras in the main menu and click Add a camera:

Camera management

In the dialog that opens, choose New camera and enter camera settings:

Camera management

Adding a camera with Agent to Watcher via the mobile app

Cameras with the Agent can be activated using the Watcher mobile application. Such cameras are connected to the local network and await commands from the Watcher application to connect to an Organization on the server. To activate such a camera, make sure that:

  • The mobile phone is connected to the same local network as the camera to be added.
  • The Flussonic Watcher mobile app is installed on the phone
  • The user logs in to a mobile application using the credentials that grant the rights to edit the list of cameras in at least one Organization.
  • The camera is reset to factory default settings.

To add a camera with Agent by using the mobile application:

  1. Log in to the Flussonic Watcher mobile application using the credentials you received from the system administrator.

  2. Open the menu and select Add Camera.

  3. Select Network Search. A list of cameras that have Agents installed and that are available for activation will be displayed on the phone screen.

  4. Select the camera with Agent that you want to activate.

  5. Fill in the camera information:

    • Name - the name under which the camera will be displayed in Watcher.
    • Organization - the Organization in which you add the camera.
    • Preset - a group of recording settings to be set on the camera being added.
    • Note - additional information about the camera.
  6. Click Activate, and the camera will appear in the list of cameras.


It may take some time for a newly connected camera to start sending frames. In practice, this time does not exceed one minute.

Deleting a camera

To delete a camera:

  1. Go to Cameras
  2. In the list of cameras, find the camera and click the Delete icon.

Another way to delete a camera is by clicking Delete on the camera settings page.