Сatch up

“Catch up” in video streaming refers to the ability to watch previously broadcast television shows or events on demand after they have aired. It allows viewers to watch content that they may have missed during its original airing or to revisit shows that they enjoyed but want to watch again.

Typically, catch-up services are offered by television networks or online streaming platforms, and they provide viewers with access to previously broadcast content for a limited time period after the original airing. This time period can vary depending on the network or platform, but it can range from a few days to several weeks.

To access catch-up content, viewers typically need to navigate to the appropriate section on their chosen platform and select the show or event they want to watch. Some platforms may require viewers to sign in or create an account to access catch-up content.

Once viewers have selected the show or event they want to watch, they can typically start streaming it immediately, either on their computer or on a compatible device such as a smart TV or streaming stick. Depending on the platform, viewers may be able to fast-forward, rewind, or pause the content as they watch.

Flussonic Media Server supports catch-up functionality through its TimeShift feature. TimeShift allows viewers to pause, rewind, and fast-forward live streams, as well as to watch previously aired content on demand.

With Flussonic’s TimeShift feature, viewers can watch content that has already aired, even if they missed the live broadcast. TimeShift works by storing the live stream as it is being broadcast, and then making that stored content available to viewers on demand.

Viewers can access TimeShift functionality through a compatible player that supports it, such as JW Player, Video.js, or Flowplayer. Viewers can use the player’s timeline to navigate to specific points in the live stream and watch content that has already aired.

Overall, Flussonic’s TimeShift feature provides a convenient way for viewers to catch up on previously aired content, making it easier for them to stay up to date with their favorite shows and events.