Flussonic Wi-Fi cameras for telecom operators: Easily launch a plug and play home video surveillance service

May 11, 2021

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If you are a telecommunications operator and you want:

  • Sell a massive B2C service that works on your network and make a quick profit.
  • Give your subscribers the opportunity to buy a camera and video surveillance service in one place, accompanied by your other services.
  • Sell reputable Wi-Fi cameras that subscribers will want to buy and put at home
  • Manage devices remotely
  • Give the subscriber the confidence that their data is protected and that they will not become a star of YouTube or another streaming platform.
  • That your subscribers can connect the camera themselves in a couple of minutes, without your participation

Are you interested? So keep reading because now comes the good stuff:

Do you sell conventional security cameras?

Nobody wants to hang a huge old camera, like the ones you see in parking lots, on any wall in their house. These cameras are very bulky, since they have to have protection against the elements and possible vandalism and are not made for beauty or to be decorative objects. In a house or apartment, such a camera would be creepy.

Therefore, operators who want to add home video surveillance to their line of services, first of all, need a good camera and one that has a nice design so that people want to put it in their house. A camera that connects to the operator’s services, works on your network and in your cloud. So that the subscriber buys the camera from the operator, and not from the camera manufacturer, as is happening with all Chinese devices because before the operators did not offer their own devices. But that has changed.

Do it yourself, you can do it!

And if you let the user buy his “made in China” camera and connect it to your services? It would simply be a paint in the behind. Many Wi-Fi cameras do not come with an ethernet port so connecting and configuring them on the network would be very difficult, if not impossible, for the end user. Then these users will begin to constantly contact the support department and the company’s operation costs will increase exponentially. That would no longer be a “plug and play” product / service at all.

When trying to connect the camera to a third-party service, the operator must arrange a VPN, port forwarding, or white IP address. In addition to the fact that all these actions must be performed, they also reduce the security level of the video data transmitted from the camera to the server.

Operator services

The Flussonic camera is a remote controlled and operator controlled device. No need to configure VPN rules or port forwarding. No additional manipulations - a fully automated connection without operator involvement, which is what everyone is looking for. What does the customer have to do then when he or she receives a new camera?

  • Add camera" in the mobile app.
  • Make the QR code visible to the mobile phone camera.

And that’s it! “Plug and Play”

Security cameras with little or no security

What are most B2C users who buy cameras on Ali Express thinking? It’s very dangerous. Anyone can have remote access to the camera settings, the stream itself, and even the archive. Any hacker or pervert anywhere in the world could have access to the private lives of thousands of users.

Desire and simple manipulations are generally all an attacker needs to gain remote access to an IP camera. A lot of home cameras have default passwords (there are many reasons for this), they are easy to find by the general public. On other cameras, the manufacturers leave the service entrances for the service centers (which, if desired, can also be found on the Internet). Holes in the firmware of the cameras, the use of vulnerable servers - this is a reality, not just an episode of “Black Mirror”, the popular Netflix series.

For the Flussonic cameras, safety is not just a word we use on the label on the boxes. We have abandoned the traditional methods of communicating the camera with the server to make them impenetrable. The cameras come with a pre-installed Agent that generates a secure transmission with TLS encryption. This means that knowing the default usernames / passwords and a couple of tricks won’t help those who like to have a look.

Native, simple and functional

The mobile application that generates for Android and iOS (With the operator logo) allows subscribers to:

  • Independently connect a Wi-Fi camera to the service
  • View the live feed from the camera in real time with little delay
  • View the video file (the size and duration of the files in the system are regulated by the operator’s rate plan)
  • Navigate through the timeline to find the necessary video fragment
  • Configure events (for example, the movement of people in the room, open the doors) and receive notifications
  • Perform an instant search for events
  • Select and load the desired video section on their phone.

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