Flussonic presented Flussonic Coder at IBC in Amsterdam

September 19, 2019

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Flussonic, a European tech and software company, showcased its brand new product: Flussonic Coder, at IBC 2019 in Amsterdam last week. The innovative device, which will be available for sale in the fall of 2019, performs an impressive variety of functions; ranging from transcoding, repacking, and recording of video content, to data protection and delivery.

Flussonic Coder is a specialized server that simultaneously transcodes dozens of 4K, FullHD, and SD channels; as well as converting formats, and protecting, archiving and delivering video streams. The transcoder is built on the Flussonic Media Server platform.

Flussonic Coder has a number of unique features in comparison to similar products:

• It offers a predictable density and can be guaranteed to process a specified number of channels.

• It is based on cutting-edge graphic accelerators, enabling 1RU servers to simultaneously transcode up to 48 FULL HD programmes in multibit-rate streams for adaptive streaming.

• It is cost-effective without compromising functionality and energy efficiency. Flussonic Coder offers high performance while showing an energy consumption of just 120 Watts; 10 times less than competitive products.

Flussonic Coder is aimed at telecom and cable operators, ISPs, and broadcasting and streaming services, including streaming platforms for user-generated game content.

“Of course, customers have the ability to build their own servers and install the Flussonic software or other similar products on their own, but the associated costs would be higher or similar in comparison to an off-the-shelf transcoder, and the assembly quality is likely to be inferior. Unlike such DIY solutions, our product comes with a full package of technical support, configuring and maintenance services,” says Maksim Lapshin, Flussonic founder and Technical Director.

Flussonic products have been commercially available since 2010, and over the past nine years, the company has emerged as a leading player in the video streaming market. Flussonic’s main competitive advantage is their extensive experience in the development of highload platforms for video processing and delivery. The Flussonic product line includes Flussonic Media Server (software for video transcoding, storage and delivery), Flussonic Watcher (a comprehensive video surveillance and analysis solution), and Flussonic Coder, a hardware and software package for video processing.