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VOD from Cloud

Flussonic Media Server can broadcast video files kept on a cloud storage such as Amazon S3 or OpenStack Swift, as well as on HTTP servers.

Broadcasting from HTTP server

vod http {
  storage http://streamer:8081/vod;

You can pass parameters in the query string. This might be necessary if the server checks for any parameter in the query string. For example:

vod http {
  storage http://storage/prefix?key=12345;

When accessing a file, for example, vod/bunny.mp4, Flussonic Media Server rewrites the query to http://storage/prefix/bunny.mp4?key=12345.

Broadcasting from Amazon S3

ACCESS_KEY and SECRET_KEY are the keys that can be obtained from your Amazon AWS profile.

vod public {
vod private {
  storage s3://minioadmin:minioadmin@minio:9001/test;

Broadcasting from the Swift storage

vod swift {
  storage swift://user=test:tester&password=testing@swift:8080/test;