What’s new in Flussonic ver. 22.06

  1. Embedding ads relying on SCTE35 and SCTE104 markers.

    Flussonic is now able to replace сcommercial breaks based on information from SCTE markers. In previous releases, we also implemented a mechanism to insert ads by partially substituting segments. In conjunction with Just in Time packaging, all this allows you to replace ads in the stream with targeted and millisecond accuracy. Therefore, Flussonic:

    • inserts the advertisement clearly into the desired frame, without overlapping useful content or other advertising
    • can change ads for each play session (for example, depending on the country, smartphone type, browser, or based on the subscriber’s account information received from the middleware).
  2. Added the “Seek per frame” button in the DVR player. When searching for a certain moment in the archive (for example, when investigating an incident), it is more convenient to use it than trying to get into the right frame on the timeline. The “Seek per frame” button allows you to view in detail everything that happens on the video.

  3. Flussonic supports Wasabi S3 – now you can play VOD files from this storage.

  4. We have increased the log storage depth by 10 times (40 files of 40 MB each). This allows Flussonic tech support to find longer-term events and work more efficiently with your requests.