1. New events were added for you to be notified about (car and persona detection), detection of a certain car number, detection of a certain persona’s car.

  2. The support for Jovision JVC-CR1 cameras.

What’s new in Flussonic ver. 20.12

  1. Official Docker image is available on hub.docker.com

  2. Flussonic monitors the GPU Nvidia NVENC load in order to prevent transcoder issues. If there is an overload, a warning will be shown and the event resource_overload will be sent.

  3. Ingest from DVB cards can now be configured via the UI in Config > DVB cards.

  4. The utility for issuing multi-domain SSL certificates.

  5. Flussonic now accepts RTSP streams from cameras containing not entirely valid SDP data, allowing for more streams to be successfully ingested.

  6. SCTE-104 markers from Decklink capture cards can be passed as SCTE-35 to MPEG-TS and HLS output

Примечание к версии 20.12