Control Capacity in Public Spaces | Cloud Video Surveillance

September 29, 2021

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Do you remember, dear readers, that only a few months ago we began to hear the term “new reality”? Well, now that we are trying to return to that world that we left behind at the beginning of 2021, that reality is already here: There are many businesses that have been reopened and we are already beginning to see high concentrations of people in places that, for more than a year, were empty.

To achieve this successful reopening, and following the provisions issued by the control bodies to mitigate the contagion of COVID-19, control mechanisms have been implemented such as the mandatory use of face masks, social distancing and capacity control, which It implies a huge challenge, especially in places with a large influx of people such as night clubs or beaches.

Due to this, the digital security industry has set itself the task of perfecting, with its technology, the control of capacity in real time since manual counting can become tedious and fail, which can generate a health emergency. That is why in this article we are going to talk about the most effective way to control the capacity in public spaces: The control of capacity based on video.

Basically, video-based capacity control solutions consist of the implementation of video surveillance cameras for people counting and other developments with video analytics functions. The cameras, in addition to counting people in a given space, can also detect the entry and exit of people so that if the limit is reached, the system generates an alarm in real time so that the personnel in charge can take the necessary measures.

Another option is to integrate the video surveillance system to the access control system, so that it blocks access to new people if the establishment’s capacity is 100%. A great advantage of this system is that the software has the possibility of generating daily, weekly or monthly reports of the visits for later analysis.

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Capacity control systems using video surveillance cameras can go beyond on-site control. It is possible to create a web application in which the conditions of occupation of the site can be published in real time so that future visitors can know in advance if it is a good idea to visit that place at that time. The Mataró city council, in Spain, uses a system like this to report the capacity on its beaches, for example.

At Flussonic we can adapt security solutions from our portfolio to be used in the management of biosafety measures in different environments and we have made available to our clients a wide variety of IP cameras that have the most modern functionalities of video analytics that allow the implementation and development of multiple solutions, including capacity control.