23.03 Watcher

Dive into the exciting improvements in Flussonic Watcher 23.03! This spring release brings a more effective video analytics module, a sleek web-interface, and reliable operations due to the enhancement of existing features and bug fixes.

Businesses such as telecom companies, real estate firms, retail stores, and parking spaces can now reap the rewards of this update, so discover what Flussonic Watcher has to offer! Browse the release notes below for the highlights – see the full changelog for further details.

Video Analytics 2.0

Flussonic Watcher 23.03 offers video analytics that are more efficient and accurate with its face and license plate recognition capabilities. User can now leverage the power of a GPU or a CPU to identify faces and license plates, without having to incur the expensive costs associated with video cards. This makes it great for a multitude of applications such as managing access to territory, collecting data for billing parking fees, or even taking it further - collecting data for marketing purposes, creating customized offers based on identified license plates or facial features (i.e. at gas stations).

Video Analytics 2.0

Web-interface updates

Flussonic Watcher 23.03 facilitates easy access to video stream input from the camera – right in the web-interface. With this new version, you have the added capability of filtering cameras to quickly identify which are online or offline. This feature minimizes response time when an interruption in video streaming occurs.


  • deleting records became more stable
  • agent statuses on cameras are correctly displayed in the Flussonic Watcher web-interface
  • streamlined handling of large number of motion events, now all motions are recorded by the system without errors
  • fixed archive playback in embedded player