Flussonic Watcher documentation


User Interface

A user can log into Flussoniс Watcher using an email and password after adding to the system.

New users can access cameras that were assigned to them by an administrator. Cameras may be public, available after authorization, and private.

A user interface has two screens: the first one shows cameras on a map and the second one features a list of cameras.

The following menus are available:


Dashboard — is a primary webpage for users to access cameras.

The following access filters are available:

  • Any.
  • Public.
  • Authorized.
  • Private.

Camera display modes:

  • Medium Thumbnails.
  • Large Thumbnails.
  • List.

You can also toggle Compact and Hide inactive cameras.

User Interface

The list below shows automatically updated screenshots from all cameras. In order to watch a certain camera or show its video archive, click on the respective image or Play button.

User Interface

You can also click on the little arrow button on the top right corner of each block to access the video archive. To open camera in full screen, click on a camera name:

User Interface

Mosaic shows up to 8 selected cameras on a single screen. To use a multi-camera view, create a client mosaic in the Cameras section.

User Interface


The map shows cameras that have coordinates configured.

User Interface


A user can mark a camera with a star. After that, it’ll show up in the «Favorite» section.

User Interface


Here you can perform all operations with cameras:

  • Add a camera.
  • Camera search via ONVIF.
  • Import Flussonic Cameras.

Also you can do the following:

More information on adding cameras: «Camera management» section.

User Interface

Users and Groups

In this menu, you can add and modify Flussonic Watcher users. For more information see «User Management».

Use groups to simplify user and camera navigation by making logical grouping (for example, by floors, departments, regions, neighborhoods, etc.), as well as simplify the user right management to provide camera visibility. See the «Groups» section for more information.

User Interface


This menu is used to configure the Flussonic Watcher. More in the section Settings.