Flussonic Watcher documentation


A failover cluster is a group of servers that work together to maintain the overall service stability and exclude any possible downtime of any part of the system. If one of the servers fails, another cluster server takes over its workload. This process is called failover.

In case of a stream server failure, the camera traffic to this server will automatically redistribute between other cluster servers, also called donors. The video archive becomes unavailable on the stream server that had a failure. The new video archive will be temporarily recorded on the donor server that is being used.

When the connection to the server that had an issue is renewed, the traffic is automatically redirected back. Provided that the storage on the primary server wasn’t damaged during the failover, the access to the main video archive will be established. However, the temporary video archive will be deleted from the donor server.

Turn on the failover option for each stream server individually in the "Streamer" section and change mode in /etc/flussonic/flussonic.conf file on Watcher server:

vsaas {
  mode cluster+failover=30;

Where 30 - streamer check interval in seconds. To apply new settings restart Watcher: /etc/init.d/flussonic restart