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Pushing streams to DekTec SDI

Flussonic Media Server not only captures streams but also passes them to a DekTec SDI or HDMI card.

To enable pushing set the parameter push dektec://serial_number:port:

stream test {
  input udp://;
  push dektec://2174220025:2 video_format=pal;

Flussonic decodes a stream and passes it to the specified DekTec device. If necessary, you can use deinterlace=true to eliminate interlacing.

To manage pushing to a DekTec card, you can set the following parameters:

Parameter Description
dthreads Number of threads in a decoder. See API schema.
scale Scaling algorithm. See API schema.
volume Audio volume coefficient. See API schema.
fps Frame rate. See API schema.
size The size of output frame in pixels.
video_format Video format. See API schema.
vbi_lines Lines of VBI (vertical blanking interval) of an output analog stream that will contain teletext. For details, see Passing teletext from MPEG-TS to analog streams and API schema.
disabled Disable pushing the stream.