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Publishing SRT streams

Flussonic supports publishing SRT streams.

Some client devices publish SRT streams to Flussonic Media Server . You can enable this using either configuration file or Flussonic UI.

In the configuration file

You should specify the port and configure the publish stream in the configuration file (/etc/flussonic/flussonic.conf):

srt 9998;
stream mysrt {
  url publish://;

It is crucial to keep the #! :: r symbols order when specifying the StreamID.

Here is an example of SRT stream publication using the ffmpeg:

ffmpeg -re -i /opt/flussonic/priv/bunny.mp4 -c copy -y -f mpegts 'srt://FLUSSONIC-IP:9998?pkt_size=1316&streamid=#!::r=STREAM_NAME,password=PASSWORD'

Use the following URL format when publishing from OBS, where STREAM_NAME is the name of your stream:


OBS srt

In Flussonic UI

To enable publishing SRT stream using Flussonic UI you should:

  1. Go to Config -> Settings and specify the port in the SRT port field of the Protocols section:

UI srt field

  1. Go to Media tab and click Add button next to the Streams section. Specify the name of your SRT stream in Stream name field and set the source URL as publish:// in Source URL field. Then just click Create to save it:

UI srt pub location

  1. Click on your new stream (mysrt in the example above) and go to the Input tab. There you will find the URL for publishing that has the following structure:

, where:

  • FLUSSONIC-IP — your Flussonic server's IP address
  • STREAM_NAME — the name of your stream that you specified at the stage 2. In our example it equals to mysrt.

UI srt pub URL

Now you know how to enable a publication of an SRT stream in Flussonic.