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Caritech Solutions Inc., the leading Multi Service Internet Provider in Barbados.

Caritech Solutions Inc.

Caritech-Flussonic case

“Flussonic surpassed my expectations as a programmer. It outperformed my own solutions, offering advanced features that were years ahead of my capabilities. It effortlessly handled all my use cases, saving time and sparking creativity. This led to exploring diverse business opportunities and maximizing earnings. While I enjoy programming, Flussonic’s contribution to financial success is invaluable. It has empowered us to leverage its capabilities and unlock growth opportunities.”

Richard Rawlins, CEO of Caritech

Meet Caritech

Caritech Solutions Inc., the leading Multi Service Internet Provider in Barbados. Founded in 2016, the company provides internet, IPTV, video transport and videos transcoding solutions, digital app and website development, technical support and consulting services. Caritech has the largest wireless Network on the island, the company is also an approved Level 2 United Nations Vendor and a Member of the SRT alliance.


Caritech, a company specializing in providing TV services to hotels in the Caribbean, faced a significant challenge due to the outdated infrastructure of the hotels. The existing coaxial cable network in each room made the transition to an IP-based solution prohibitively expensive.

Find a solution

To address this challenge, Caritech sought a solution that could facilitate the distribution of digital TV signals over the coaxial cable network to each room in the hotel. They devised an approach that involved using an ATSC modulator, which enabled the delivery of digital TV over the existing coaxial cable infrastructure. However, before the TV streams could be delivered, they needed to undergo preparation, ingestion, transformation into MPTS (Multi-Program Transport Stream), and delivery over UDP (User Datagram Protocol), followed by modulation.

To meet these requirements, Caritech turned to Flussonic Media Server. Flussonic Media Server served as the solution for ingesting and transforming the TV streams, ensuring they were properly prepared for distribution. By utilizing Flussonic Media Server and ATSC modulator Caritech effectively addressed the challenge posed by the outdated infrastructure.

Why Flussonic?

Caritech chose Flussonic Media Server for its reliable transcoding capabilities, surpassing alternatives like Telebreeze and their own developed solution. Flussonic’s advanced features stood out, including its versatility as a 4-in-1 solution, serving as a multiplexer, satellite, terrestrial, and IP receiver. This all-in-one functionality streamlined their operations, reducing costs and saving valuable rack space. Flussonic supports forming MPTS streams, sending signals to modulators or DVB/ISDB/ATSC networks, and providing failover functionality. These comprehensive features made Flussonic the ideal choice for Caritech’s TV services, offering convenience, efficiency, and high-quality content delivery.


Caritech developed two distinct options for using Flussonic Media Server in cable TV setups for hotels.

In the first version, Flussonic Media Server was deployed as the headend at each hotel. This involved installing and operating Flussonic Media Server as the central hub that received TV signals from various IP-feeds. Flussonic Media Server then performed the necessary transformation of the TV signals into MPTS (Multi-Program Transport Stream) streams and transmitted them directly to the cable networks.

In the second version, Caritech implemented a comprehensive solution that combines Flussonic Media Server with a dedicated device designed specifically for content modulation using QAM technology. The solution revolves around Caritech’s central data center, which acts as a hub for receiving and transcoding content using Flussonic Media Server, ensuring high-quality output. From there, the content is distributed to hotels, where it is received by the dedicated device equipped with Flussonic Media Server. This device plays a crucial role in converting the channels into a cable format that is compatible with the hotel’s television distribution system. This solution is designed to be easily deployable and scalable, enabling hotels to enhance their content delivery capabilities according to their specific requirements.

Both versions of the TV solution leveraged Flussonic Media Server’s powerful features to ensure the hotels received high-quality TV services. Whether deployed as the headend or integrated with dedicated devices, Flussonic played a crucial role in facilitating the delivery of reliable TV experiences to the hotels.


Project Success

The project with Flussonic in the hotels was a tremendous success for Caritech. They landed major contracts with renowned multinational hotels like the Hilton and a Korean hotel chain known for their high standards. Caritech’s partnership with Flussonic propelled their business, solidifying their position as a leading provider of TV services in the hospitality industry in Barbados

What’s next

Caritech has ambitious plans for the future. They have already launched their own branded version of Flussonic called Multi-point and are developing their hardware with integrated Flussonic as a product for TV stations across Africa. They aim to offer these appliances along with their distribution services, becoming a one-stop solution for TV stations in the region. Caritech sees tremendous potential in the African market, given their advanced experience in the Caribbean and the opportunity to shape the future of television in Africa. They are confident in their ability to deliver value-added solutions and become a leading provider in the industry.