How to use Flussonic Watcher SDK

September 30, 2019

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You already have a mobile application for the VSAAS and you are thinking about how to add new functionality to work with IP cameras? Here’s what you can do:

  1. Forget about the desire to have a single mobile application, and use something developed by third-party developers to work with IP cameras. In this case, you will save money and time, but the application, separated from the main service, and will not be in demand by users. Let’s say your main application is needed to work with a Smart home. Agree, it is much clearer and more logical when working with IP cameras will take place in the same application where you control the light and put the sensors on guard. It’s important to have a common integrated application to work with such a system.

  2. Write the technical requirements, which will form the basis of development, then hire a team of developers and spend about 50 thousands dollars for its content and about six months of work. You will get bumps, spend money and will have big risks that investments will not pay off, but the necessary functionality will be added to your application nevertheless.

  3. Take ready-made components for embedding in your mobile app. You need only one developer and a few hours of time to your application has acquired the necessary functionality. You will not have the risk that during the development something in the market will change and the developed functionality will be unclaimed. You do not have to collect the first bugs from subscribers after the first release. You will save time, money and get the functionality you wanted.

Do you want to add functionality to work with IP cameras?
Take our SDK and service to start providing a new service to subscribers tomorrow:

Here you will find a detailed description of the SDK and its features, sample source codes with developer comments.

In addition to the video on YouTube:

This video clearly shows how to add the SDK component to the mobile application project in a few minutes and get a full-fledged player for working with video from ip cameras and their archive. The video uses:



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