Flussonic Watcher

We help our clients to launch a VSaaS.

Watcher is a ready software complex which consists of Flussonic Media Server, web-client, mobile applications for iOS/Android, software for cameras and the API for provision of online access and mass recording of IP-cameras.

Beautiful, comfortable, simple

No desktop clients, no local installations, no patches, no loaders and dependence on Windows. Only camera, comfortable and beautiful web site + mobile apps. All server software for Linux.

Direct link to camera

Watcher sees all his cameras from behind a NAT without any additional configuration. The principle is “plug and play”.

Fast payback

The optimization of traffic and server loading, the ability to configure cluster and smart routing.

We have thought about the Economics of the projects of our customers at every step, from the cost of software to optimize processes to reduce the cost of infrastructure.

The protection of failures at High-Loads

The Watcher's core is a powerful and easy to configure Flussonic Media Server. It is used by major operators, TV channels, internet providers, large companies and government agencies for solving various tasks of mass the video delivery. This is a real Highload!


Integration with billing

Simple API for integration and users management through your billing. Work with the new service in a familiar environment and your own business processes!


We give customization tools, including mobile apps, out of the box.


Free Watcher Trial

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How to install Watcher