Video Surveillance During Crisis: Protecting a Business From Looters

April 9, 2020

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Video Surveillance During Crisis: Protecting a Business From Looters

Business is going through hard times, and this has particularly affected the entertainment industry. Restaurants, cafes, shopping malls are closing down, the tourism business is suffering, and at the same time, all participants in the huge chain of service delivery to customers suffer losses. During the crisis, we understand how many participants are in this chain and how much everything is connected.

For those who are forced to temporarily close their establishments, the lack of customers is not the only danger. The crisis caused a wave of looting throughout Europe. Mass hysteria and panic create a suitable environment for looters, especially Spain and Great Britain flash in the news.

Recently in London, several tried to steal alcohol from a shop. They were immediately noticed and stopped by the guards, and a video of the attempts of them to escape was instantly uploaded to the Internet. It is the presence of video surveillance that allowed the security to quickly respond to what was happening. And this is exactly what can help entrepreneurs who were torn from their business to be calm about the safety of their property.

Video Surveillance is All About Safety Again

IP cameras originally came to the market for security purposes. Over time, the scope of their application has expanded greatly: cameras are used as an analytics tool to control the quality of production and the provision of services. They are installed in water parks, entertainment centers, tourist sites so that those who wish to visit those places could see how many visitors are currently there. Nowadays, these cameras will show you only empty halls. But this does not mean that we no longer need cameras in entertainment centers, shops, and restaurants. We need them, but it’s for a completely different reason. Cameras in the current situation in the world return to their former role - security monitoring.

We help our customers organize services for controlling cash transactions in various institutions. All receipts for transactions are recorded in the system, and a video recording of the moment of purchase is captured for each receipt. Such a system was originally created in order to identify dishonest cashiers who tend to pocket the money that doesn’t belong to them. The system is used to control the communication of cashiers with visitors at various small establishments - coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants, shops, and so on.

Now all these cameras perform the function of monitoring the security of the establishment. The owner of the place can at any time, from any device, connect to the cameras and see what is happening there. If the burglary has already occurred, footage from the cameras will help the police to catch the criminals. The footage from the camera is kept in reliable cloud storage, which is inaccessible to attackers.

Comfort Your Subscribers

In this situation, telecom operators come to the rescue of the business owners and offer them the video surveillance service. Usually, in order to launch your server for video surveillance, you’d need a lot of time and expenses - in the current situation, no one wants to face it. For our customers, telecom operators, we offer a ready-made service, video cameras for rent that get connected to the operator’s billing - the service is ready at a minimal cost.

Thus, each telecom operator can provide cloud-based video surveillance services to its subscribers at minimal cost and in just a couple of days. As a result, the operator has a source of income during the crisis, and the subscribers have peace of mind for their temporarily abandoned property.

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