flussonic (v4.7.1) 2017-12-07


#4359 We have refactored and unified HTTP URLs for different protocols: HLS, HTTP MPEG-TS, DASH, HDS. They were developed in different times and happened to be very different. So we have refactored them and made them looking the same. Here we have also added selecting tracks while streaming HTTP MPEGTS DVR: #4307 #4635 #4645.

#4632 now there is a autorestore mechanism in MPEGTS reading code that will protect Flussonic from broken source switch that could lead to audio-video desync. It is much more stable now.

#4514 large set of changes to SQL API. Now it is much more convenient to maintain Flussonic cluster from your rails application of whatever you use to write your own frontend:

#4248 Flussonic now will immediately apply changes to transcoder configuration if you make them via SQL API. Earlier it required restarting stream

#4482 added parsing field IS val for checking NULLs

#4483 fixed different behaviour of unknown fields for local streams and remote. If stream is stopped then its bitrate was 0 for remote and null for local. Now it is fixed

#4504 #4485 #4493 #4509 #4624 fixed updating of all remote stream configuration options via SQL

#4572 access to DVR recorded ranges via SQL API

#4647 updating dvr configuration fields via SQL API

#4659 Security we have removed potential path traversal mechanism in publishing that could allow attacker to publish stream to any directory. Not possible to read anything, but just create DVR anywhere.
#4696 HTML5 player by default we have changed default player in embed.html from HDS Strobe to Clappr HTML5. If you want very much to use old player, add ?version=1 to query string, but hurry up, we will delete all this soon.
#4399 Flussonic Watcher now have HTML5 players in dashboard and mosaic. We have switched to new cool player that allows to seek back in DVR and play live at the same time.Here are also changes like: #4283 for html5 mosaic, #4362 player resize, #4407 proper links to video streams, #4658 usage of flussonic player without embed on dashboardand support for proper token passing for mp4 previews: #4684

Big pack of transcoder fixes:

#4290 #4525 we and NVIDIA have fixed hangs of their cards on turning off and on transcoder

#4507 #4519 #4522 have fixed hanging of QSV transcoder

#4524 #4532 added validation of requested QSV params

MSE Low delay player:

#4616 we have extracted core of our player for you, you can use it in your project. Take our JS code, use our API and it is for free, no charges for SDK subscription. Read more:

#4289 #4539 MSE core library gets ability to switch bitrates

#4596 #4573 adapting our MSE core library for DVR player

#4578 We have modified working with JPEG screenshots in DVR. Earlier you have to fetch list of all screenshots and then you could fetch required screenshot. Now you can ask Flussonic to give screenshot somewhere near requested time. If there is no screenshot in exact request, Flussonic will redirect to closest screenshot.

Event subsystem:
#4623 HTTP event sink will now add hostname to event: now it is easier to route events in your system.

#4423 fixed restarting sink if you reconfigured event sink with old name and new type

#4489 #4490 #4495 #4508 #4498 We have checked and fixed some minor bugs related to redirects in cluster with cluster_ingest enabled. Now even if Flussonic captures streams from cluster_ingested-ed cluster, it will be properly redirect to active server.

Tech changes:
#4627 flussonic now is writing log time in UTC

#4052 fixed bframe option for nvenc, it was asking for bf before

#4656 now DVR and live authorization for HLS are checked separately

#4672 ensure that publish_stopped event is fired

#4537 fixed playback of DVR for stopped ondemand streams

#4500 removed autoplay from admin

#4216 if there were no subtitles for a long time, Flussonic could notify that they are lost. Now it will notify that subtitles are there.

#4586 enhance m4f cluster DVR access

#4207 remove ancient option “auto_token uuid;”

#4563 novicam NC33WP support for Agent

#4455 DRM DVR compatibility


We have released an august version of Flussonic.

Feel free to update, we have made some interesting changes:

Flussonic now can take video from Polycom conference system:

You can connect via h323 protocol to polycom device and take stream from there. Output can be sent to browser, mobile phone, etc.

We have updated Quicksync library and it runs with skylake CPU:

Our SQL API got serious refactoring. It is much more convenient now: order by, not required to specify stream+server in updates anymore, better error status and really more stable. Look how many fixes have we done:

All this is required to make really convenient cluster control via ORM in your PHP or Rails app.

There are cool features for administrators:

For those who need low latency, hurry up to use our updated low latency player: http://flussonic/STREAMNAME/embed.html?version=3&realtime=true and get other fixes related to lpayer

And the rest of important features and fixes:


We have released 4.6.17 with following changes and bugfixes:


DRM support:

MPEG-TS changes:

DVR fixes:






Important changes with backward incompatibilities:

New features:


Bug fixes






Events & lua:

Video thumbnails, MSE low delay and HTML5:


Other Flussonic changes:



We have done serious work on cluster refactoring and cluster protocols in Flussonic.

See the updated documentation for cluster

Flussonic Watcher

We have launched several projects based on Flussonic Watcher lately, so there are lot of related features and bug fixes.

Important thing is that we have added clustered storage for motion events. In the next version we will add support for motion events in Watcher.


Transcoder is a very complicated part of Flussonic and we work on improving it every day, so here are the recent bugfixes and some new things:

Flashless future of HTML5

Flussonic looks towards the future without Flash. We have added some fixes to our server-side WebRTC implementation and our brand new low delay HTML5 playback.

For more details, check documentation for MSE low delay

Jpegless thumbnails

Flussonic is here to reduce load on your hardware and network: it shows DVR thumbnails without jpeg at all!

Read more in the documentation for video thumbnails in DVR

Embed with player

Embed.html which is the easiest way to embed a player into your website. We work on making this process more stable and compatible with all new browsers and their peculiarities in every Watcher version.

We have started moving to video.js framework. You can check it out right now by adding a query string ?version=2. Here are some other fixes in the most recent version.

Other fixes:

There is a list of other Flussonic fixes and new features. Some of them are very actual.


As usual, we have added lot of important changes.

First, a lot of working integrations of our camera agent to following cameras:

Now important changes related to IP camera product Flussonic Watcher:

We are close to adding motion detection to Watcher, related issues are:

Also there are technical changes related to video playback, desync issues:

We have added good constant bitrate UDP push, you can feed your DVBC with it:

and more other features: