Flussonic features

Watcher features

Scalable turnkey solution tailored for proprietary IP camera services. Best fit for system integrators, telecom operators, medium and large businesses, and state agencies, as well as end users.

Watcher features the core Flussonic Media Server, a user and camera management system with a web interface, mobile applications for iOS and Android, camera software (Flussonic Agent), and an API for seamless integration with external systems, e.g. billing.

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  • Сamera and user management
  • User group management, authorization through a RADIUS server, and regulation of access to archives and cameras
  • Geolocation enabled for cameras. Support for map services from Google, Yandex, OpenStreetMap and other providers
  • Flexible service visibility — for external and internal (in-house LAN) users
  • Embeddable code to link with a specific camera stream stored in an external third-party location
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  • Access to streams from IP cameras in real-time or archive mode
  • The high-performance Flussonic Media Server
  • Distribution via RTSP, SDP, RTP, MPEG-TS, and ONVIF for IP cameras
  • Multiprotocol delivery — HLS, HDS, RTMP, Dash, WebRTC
  • Server clustering
  • Capture streams and archive with reliable failover
  • SSL encryption
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  • Archive depth — 12+ months’ worth of content
  • Automatic archive cleanup based on selected parameters (depth per days, filling)
  • Storage available on local drives or on a SAN system in NFS, as well as various cloud services: S3, Swift, etc.
  • Stored metadata from the motion detector and screenshots of video streams
  • Local SSD cache for high-speed access to archived data
  • Access through the RTMP, HLS, HDS, HTTP MPEG-TS, and RTSP protocols
  • File upload available in the&nbps;MP4 container (single-pass export)
  • Archive management features (quota, custom archive for each camera)
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  • Multilingual interface: English, German, Kazakh, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian
  • PTZ control
  • Matrix of the streams
  • Camera search panel
  • Motion detection processing (optional)
  • Quick search in archived video (navigation tools)
  • Playback display (a visual display of interruptions, motion detection, archive or live-stream view)
  • Selected cameras mode
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  • Camera, file and user management via billing (HTTP API)
  • Import of cameras and users from Flussonic Media Servers.
  • Import of cameras and users via the HTTP API
  • Automated camera activation and provisioning to the customer's servers
  • Tracking, removal and recovery of ‘dead’ cameras
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  • Interface with custom color schemes
  • Ability to add your own logo and personal/corporate information
  • Full visibility into the camera infrastructure from behind NAT – within a private network and without extra tuning