Flussonic Watcher 23.06

June 9, 2023

Flussonic Watcher

What's new in Flussonic Watcher 23.06

We are thrilled to announce the release of Flussonic Watcher 23.06! This version brings a host of exciting new features and improvements, making Watcher fully independent from infrastructure knowledge, the Media Server launcher, and streamer management. It is now fully optimized for Kubernetes, supports HEVC in the Watcher UI, offers enhanced license plate recognition capabilities, and provides improved DVR configuration.

  • #29508 (new) Implemented operation of Iris with HAL module for cameras based on FH8852v200+GS2063 chipset.
  • #30674 (new) Iris made independent from ip and killall functions of BusyBox to avoid problems when integrating the firmware with cameras having custom rootfs builds.
  • #30726 (new) Watcher now doesn’t keep streamers anymore. This infrastructure knowledge is stored in Central
  • #30391 (fixed) Fixed HTTP 500 errors when no statistics is received from Agents. Such situations are now processed correctly.
  • #30520 (improved) reduced installation path for the fresh installation
  • #18809 (new) Supported the recognition of Kazakhstan license plates.
  • #19486 (new) Recognition of sqaure-shaped license plates with several lines of symbols on them is now supported.
  • #25931 (new) Watcher VMS can now run independently from Media Server with its own systemd unit.
  • #28766 (new) Supported the recognition of Bulgarian license plates.
  • #28889 (new) Watcher VMS can now run in Docker. You can get the image here.
  • #29244 (new) Supported provisioning of transcoder settings from Watcher VMS to Flussonic Central via presets.
  • #29391 (new) Implemented commands for changing stream parameters when viewing video from cameras on FH8852v200+GS2063 chipset.
  • #29507 (new) Finalized HAL interface for FH8852v200+GS2063 chipset.
  • #29974 (new) The separate installation package for Watcher VMS created without excessive dependencies.
  • #30115 (new) Updated the mechanism of setting up the DVR in Watcher VMS: Watcher now always provisions dvr.reference='central' to Flussonic Central, and further configuration is performed on streamers. Please contact our technical support team to get help with configuring DVR on your streamers.
  • #30145 (new) Implemented the commands for changing the audio track parameters after the playback is started for cameras on FH8852v200+GS2063 chipset.
  • #29817 (improved) The URL of Flussonic Central is now configured for Watcher VMS via the CENTRAL_URI environment variable.
  • #29924 (improved) DVR and source events handling has been removed from Watcher VMS because they were not in use.