Flussonic version 19.09

December 9, 2019

Flussonic 19.09 was released.

Flussonic Media Server

What’s New

Flussonic Media Server

  • #6567 (new) [Flussonic] Flussonic is available as a Docker image: docker run –rm -e LICENSE_KEY=“l4|….” -p 80 -p 443 flussonic/flussonic
  • #7517 (new) [Flussonic] You can configure bitrate when transcoding from Opus to AAC, with the option ‘aac_ab’ that sets the bitrate in output AAC (the default is ‘aac_ab=32k’).
  • #7842 (new) [Flussonic] Flussonic can recognize HE-AAC codec features in AAC frames and can read HE-AAC version markers.
  • #9134 (new) [Flussonic] The UI supports the new push representation.
  • #9149 (improved) [Flussonic] Audio codecs that are not supported by browsers are no longer packed for the MSE-LD protocol to be played in our MSE player.
  • #7369 (improved) [Flussonic] In some cases, Flussonic can consume a lot of CPU at launch. Now Flussonic shows a warning in the UI that the system has ‘Not optimal scaling_governor profile set’ so that you could change it to ‘performance’ for each CPU and prevent excessive CPU consumption.
  • #9150 (improved) [Flussonic] Streams published via RTMP from Flash players can be configured for playback in browsers via WebRTC or MSE-LD. Add the option ‘output_audio=keep|add_aac|aac’ to output stream configuration.
  • #8283 (improved) [Flussonic] The new option ’expires={minutes}’ that you add to DRM settings allows you to set the interval for key rotation.
  • #8734 (improved) [Flussonic] You can configure global DVR RAID options in the Flussonic UI and assign global DVR configurations to streams.
  • #8891 (improved) [Flussonic] The source switching mechanism was reworked to minimize lags. Flussonic can accept frames from several sources and it will not switch from the lower-priority source until it receives frames from a higher-priority source.
  • #9096 (improved) [Flussonic] Switching from one source to another in a cluster was optimized.

Issues Resolved

Flussonic Media Server

  • #3533 (fixed) [Flussonic] The URL (in the UI) for live publication via RTMP now contains location name instead of ‘static’.
  • #6245 (fixed) [Flussonic] While ingesting streams via ‘m4s://’ with ‘?tracks=v2a1’ Flussonic could show incorrect bitrate, and latency could increase.
  • #7405 (fixed) [Flussonic] Subtitles were missing after conversion from mov_text (tx3g) to WebVTT.
  • #7613 (fixed) [Flussonic] Activation page behavior improvement.
  • #7624 (fixed) [Flussonic] The Flussonic UI now correctly displays error messages about incorrect push URL and UDP ingest errors.
  • #7674 (fixed) [Flussonic] All archives are now purged correctly no matter if they were configured with or without a slash at the end of the path.
  • #7829 (fixed) [Flussonic] In a Flussonic cluster, a Flussonic server always goes for a DVR archive to the server where the corresponding stream is active and the archive is saved (the source where the stream is active has a priority).
  • #7902 (fixed) [Flussonic] Some set-top-boxes played video from DVR delivered via MPEG-TS with interruptions and crumbling picture.
  • #7908 (fixed) [Flussonic] Tesseract errors at ffmpeg publication were fixed.
  • #8218 (fixed) [Flussonic] Now the playlist skips a dead stream instead of returning to the first stream in the list.
  • #8228 (fixed) [Flussonic] When editing a push URL in the UI, the correct port in the URL is saved to config now.
  • #8616 (fixed) [Flussonic] The issue with ingest of hlss:// sources was resolved.
  • #8677 (fixed) [Flussonic] The archive from S3 storage was not cleared if the limit on size was specified as the limit.
  • #8736 (fixed) [Flussonic] The issue with DVR not written to S3 was resolved.
  • #8750 (fixed) [Flussonic] Fixed: lags at the beginning and the end of a publication via WebRTC if a backup video was used.
  • #8829 (fixed) [Flussonic] Removed useless MPEG-TS decoder messages from the log that were added in 19.08 accidentally.
  • #8838 (fixed) [Flussonic] The UI did not show DVR path if it was configures as global (@my_dvr).
  • #8846 (fixed) [Flussonic] The issue with transcoder did not start with the option ’external=true’ was resolved.
  • #9005 (fixed) [Flussonic] All drop-down lists in the transcoder UI now offer ordered values.
  • #9032 (fixed) [Flussonic] Safari+iOS did not support publication over WebRTC TCP.
  • #9048 (fixed) [Flussonic] In the UI, ‘Tricolor DRM’ was renamed to ‘GS DRM’.
  • #9057 (fixed) [Flussonic] The UI did not open the page of a published stream.
  • #9058 (fixed) [Flussonic] The transcoder UI now has a field for aspect, and saves the configuration with aspect correctly.
  • #9067 (fixed) [Flussonic] The issues of version 19.08 with starting and configuring the transcoder via the UI were resolved.
  • #9068 (fixed) [Flussonic] In case of a very large config file with about a hundred streams, the UI might show incorrect data on some tabs (such as DVR and Transcoder).
  • #9069 (fixed) [Flussonic] Transcoder internal improvement.
  • #9071 (fixed) [Flussonic] The transcoder UI now allows to correctly remove the logo and alogo options from the configuration.
  • #9080 (fixed) [Flussonic] DVR settings in the UI are now saved correctly.
  • #9091 (fixed) [Flussonic] Reconnection of an RTSP source could cause the loss of audio in the stream.
  • #9094 (fixed) [Flussonic] The transcoder UI option Audio > Copy from origin now works without delaying.
  • #9107 (fixed) [Flussonic] The issue of recent versions with DVR archive not cleaned up was resolved.
  • #9110 (fixed) [Flussonic] In the transcoder configuration an ‘ab=…’ option was left after the user chooses to copy the audio tracks from the origin and then canceled copying and saved the settings.
  • #9111 (fixed) [Flussonic] Extra spaces in the path to the logo file are now deleted.
  • #9120 (fixed) [Flussonic] With a certain combination of transcoder options, the configuration was not saved.
  • #9126 (fixed) [Flussonic] Publication via RTMP to Flussonic stopped after about 200 seconds.
  • #9133 (fixed) [Flussonic] The DVR archive player in the UI now works again.
  • #9145 (fixed) [Flussonic] Deleting of SSD disk cache settings via the UI now works correctly.
  • #9159 (fixed) [Flussonic] The presence of EPG data in responses to API requests ‘/flussonic/api/media’ caused too high CPU utilization on the Flussonic server.
  • #9167 (fixed) [Flussonic] Now the transcoder (with ’external=true’ option) starts even if a stream has a bad name with special characters, such as &, [, and other.
  • #9204 (fixed) [Flussonic] DVR player and DVR settings in published locations were fixed.
  • #9208 (fixed) [Flussonic] The unnecessary message ‘’libtesseract.so.3: cannot open shared object file’ no longer appears in the log.
  • #9222 (fixed) [Flussonic] DVR settings are now deleted correctly via the UI.
  • #9264 (fixed) [Flussonic] UI messages appearance was improved.
  • #9283 (fixed) [Flussonic] The issue with turning off the transcoder was resolved.
  • #9288 (fixed) [Flussonic] Bad sound when using the transcoder.
  • #9306 (fixed) [Flussonic] The response to the API request ‘/flussonic/api/server’ showed an incorrect server hostname.

The Player

  • #5782 (fixed) [Player] The colors on the timeline in the DVR player when the user selects the time in the Calendar were fixed.
  • #8489 (fixed) [Player] The player at switching to DVR now shows the button for making snapshots.
  • #8999 (fixed) [Player] The DVR player tries to reconnect to a lost source in any situation.