Version 18.03

March 30, 2018

We have released version 18.03 Yes, the previous version was 4.7.3 and the new one is 18.03 We have changed to Ubuntu-style versioning with year and month because we are making releases once per month, so it seems to be more convenient to use such versioning.

Flussonic Media Server

With 18.03 you can try new beta VOD watermarking feature. It means that Flussonic will on-fly add unique watermark to each session. All users will get unique content and if it leaks, you will be able to find who have done it. Contact us via support tickets to test it.

The DASH protocol has got working rewind playlists. It was very hard to add it properly due to extreme fragility of the player, but Shaka will now show live with capability to seek back one, two or more hours.

If you have a transcoder that outputs several UDP streams with different qualities and they are desynced, Flussonic can sync them back. Add option mbr=1 sync=same to several udp inputs. It is working excellently with our DVB -> WebVTT recoginition module: the user gets multibitrate HLS with WebVTT subtitles.

We have opensourced two of our components: MSE low delay player that allows playing video on HTML5 without plugins, Flash or WebRTC and our core Erlang library sqlapi that is used for delivering Flussonic SQL API.

The full per-ticket changelog is below:

* #1381 added DVB subtitle recognition to WebVTT * #3490 dvr player timeline: implemented friendly behaviour when clicked to empty range * #3733 enhance agent authentication on hikvison cameras * #4394 VOD per-session watermarking * #4542 fix appearance deformations of video tag in some browsers * #4557 fix back jumps in DVR playback * #4693 track filter for HLS and DASH via QS ?filter=tracks:v1v3a2t1 * #4771 improve appearance of flussonic player preview for Safari, Firefox browsers * #4824 fix transcoder overload logic * #4848 changed HTTP method for connecting to license server to bypass through DPI * #4859 ?realtime=true HLS.js fallback for ios * #4933 flussonic player: fix first run ondemand stream isn’t playing * #4939 autoselecting default H265 encoding level * #4991 fix memleak in mse_ld handler on slow links * #5133 dvr player: improve processing timeline empty ranges * #5136 enable back GPU statistics and graphics * #5149 reset video thumbnail after source death * #5151 [Watcher] Fixed incorrect link to user’s cameras * #5152 fixed nvenc logo on old GPU cards * #5161 DVR gap now creates a new period in DASH rewind manifest * #5169 write_file, read_file funcs in lua scripting api * #5171 [Agent] support for kendom kd-iw7030mf-ip25 camera * #5174 handle slow RTSP client overflow * #5186 fix dvr player timeline visible area jumping to cursor while zooming/scrolling * #5207 [Watcher] Fixed failover mechanism * #5209 properly launch QSV when has also NVidia * #5220 better escaping of token in HLS playlist * #5221 ram tables in SQLAPI * #5222 huge refactoring of internal DVR ram and disk cache. Faster and more stable. * #5226 fix degradation of ondemand jpeg on DVR * #5229 added SQLAPI syntax limit OFFSET, LIMIT * #5236 properly handle RTSP requests without path * #5239 [Watcher] Cluster Watcher does not ignore default streamer when provisioning cameras via import API * #5245 better generating HLS from DVR with pcma * #5248 now flussonic will not hang on shutdown * #5250 ?realtime=true HLS.js fallback for android * #5252 hls flussonic source will no more be a source for DVR * #5260 [Watcher] Some performance improvements on camera provisioning mechanism * #5264 [Watcher] When working in ‘single’ mode, Watcher now does not use server’s hostname as streampoint for Flussonic Agent * #5275 mse-player: created public repo at * #5282 [Watcher] Fixed incorrect counter of owned cameras * #5283 MBR improvements: realtime DTS/PTS mpegts_reader binding, manual shift= source offset, sync=same align-by-audio-frames algorithm * #5287 mse-player: implement seek via websocket * #5289 m4f now is properly using cluster authentication when common authorization is enabled * #5295 flussonic player: support ‘0’ and ‘1’ token parameters * #5296 fix reading encrypted hls streams with key given by reference * #5297 fix flussonic player incorrect processing logo parameter * #5299 improved support for usb keys * #5306 fix dash playback of streams without defined fps * #5308 agent working on Hikvision DS-2CD2022WD-I * #5319 opensourced our SQLAPI * #5325 per session watermarking takes different watermarks for each qualities * #5330 fix removing hls segments from memory on stream restart * #5338 [Watcher] flussonic-watcher python requirements were updated * #5366 support ac parameter in transcoder * #5384 [Watcher] redirect to dashboard after login in the new watcher interface * #5385 fixed onProgress callback timestamp in MSE dvr player * #5389 mbr now will take all text subtitle tracks from first source * #5391 DASH support for Firefox 59 * #5404 added contrib/mosaic.erl to create mosaic from mp4 files * #5405 more cache-friendly DASH DVR segment urls * #5423 fixed working with USB key lot of opened files * #5427 now will push statistics even if no DNS configured * #5455 reply HTTP 200 on HEAD /stream/mpegts